USA Softball and the U.S. Center for SafeSport Initiative

Jan. 30, 2018, 6:18 p.m. (ET)

Starting in the 2018 season, USA Softball has joined the Olympic community’s initiative to bring awareness and action against misconduct in sports by participating in the SafeSport program. SafeSport is a free public platform that will provide you with resources to understand what misconduct is, implement ways to reduce it and identify steps on reporting.


With the Olympic community in the public eye and the responsibilities that come as a National Governing Body, USA Softball continues to be proactive in its actions to combat issues of misconduct (emotional, physical, and sexual, alongside other forms such as bullying, harassment, and hazing) by requiring its organization’s staff and members to complete their SafeSport training. USA Softball aligns itself with the Olympic movement and the belief in grassroots successes and podium triumphs, and the strength of sport to unify communities, nations and the world through a safe and protected environment.


While not everyone is required to be SafeSport trained, USA Softball encourages any individual, both on and off the field, to take advantage of this free resource to promote a safe environment in all sports.


SafeSport is composed of 3 courses:

1.     Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education

2.     Emotional and Physical Misconduct

3.     Mandatory Reporting: Understanding Your Responsibilities


Each section is full of interactive and informative resources that you can access at any time once you have completed your training.


If you are interested in the SafeSport initiate and want to receive the free training, please visit and create your account today! 


If you need more information regarding SafeSport, please feel free to visit our website at