Announced: Theme for the 2019 USA Softball UIC Clinic

Feb. 09, 2018, 10:24 a.m. (ET)

Submitted by the USA Softball National Umpire Staff

A nationwide contest was held to determine what the theme would be for the 2019 USA Softball UIC Clinic, where the winner would receive free registration. The USA Softball National Umpire Staff received many excellent entries. The winner was selected after all entries were submitted, reviewed and discussed in detail.

The National Umpire Staff is pleased to announce that John Christensen as the winner, a member of USA Softball of Oregon. Christensen currently serves as the USA Softball of Oregon Fast Pitch UIC as well as Oregon State High School Rules interpreter.  He started out playing Slow Pitch Softball and began his umpiring career umpiring Slow Pitch games in 1991.

His career in umpiring began to grow leaps and bounds after adding Fast Pitch to his resume in 1999.  He has since been assigned to and worked five USA Softball National Championships. In addition to umpiring, he has also served as a Coordinator, Assistant UIC and UIC throughout his career.  He also branched out to the college ranks and in the process, worked two NAIA Championships. 

John is married to his wife Gwen and together, they have one son. He enjoys living on his ranch in Southern Oregon, taking care of his 5 horses and 6 dogs.

Congratulations to John and thanks to all who submitted entries!

Mark your calendars for the UIC Clinic, which will be held January 31 to February 3, 2019! Please stay tuned as much more information on the Clinic will be forthcoming.