USA Softball of South Dakota holds inaugural State Youth Coed Slow Pitch Softball Tournament

Aug. 15, 2018, 10:54 a.m. (ET)

Watertown teams swept the four divisions over the Aug. 10-12 weekend in USA Softball of South Dakota’s inaugural State Youth Coed Slow Pitch softball tournament at Koch Complex. The tourney featured 19 teams, including 15 from Watertown.


"The tournament was a great success," Tournament Director and USA Softball of South Dakota Commissioner Gary Young commented. "There was nothing but good comments from players, parents, and coaches throughout the weekend. We had a lot of local teams with a few from out of town. Social media will get the word out for next year as there is already talk of trying to double the numbers playing next year."


Young continued, "What made it great was a lot of the boys who played were baseball players whose season was over. There were boy slow pitch players as well as both fast pitch and slow pitch girls who put teams together. The secret to keeping this successful was to play the weekend after summer programs were over and fall sports have not begun their season yet. If we make any changes, it will be to add a 21-Under or a 23-Under next year."


Papa Murphy’s-Bernie’s Body Shop went 1-1 in pool play and 3-0 in bracket play to win the 12-Under division, defeating Senior Max’s-Bernie’s Body Shop of Watertown 13-5 in the Championship Game. Duane’s Floor Covering of Watertown finished third in the division.


The Purple Pigs shook off an early loss to win seven straight games to take the 14-Under division. The Purple Pigs defeated the Dawg Pound of Watertown, 6-2 to force the “if-game" and then claimed the title with a 12-3 win. Wicked of Huron finished third in the division.


Xtreme Heat of Watertown went 3-0 to win the 16-Under division, topping Service Plus of Watertown 16-12 in the Championship Game. The Sioux Falls Hot Shots were third.


Zesto-Cheap Rides-Weiss Eye Care of Watertown went 4-1 and outlasted Young’s Primetime Sports of Watertown to win the 18-Under division. Primetime Sportsforced the “if-game” with a 24-21 win while Zesto-Cheap Rides-Weiss came back to win the in the grand finale, 14-4. Xtreme Heat of Watertown was third.



Pool Play

Watertown Duane’s Floor Covering 11, Watertown Papa Murphy’s-Bernie’s Body Shop 5 
Duane’s 13, Watertown Senor Max’s-Bernie’s Body Shop 7 
Papa Murphy’s-Bernie’s 19, Senor Max’s-Bernie’s 10


Bracket Play 
Papa Murphy’s-Bernie’s 18, Senior Max’s-Bernie’s 9 
Papa Murphy’s-Bernie’s 13, Duane’s 2


Papa Murphy’s-Bernie’s 13, Senor Max’s-Bernie’s 5



Winner’s Bracket
Watertown Walk Off Warriors 14, Clear Lake Misfits 2 
Watertown Dawg Pound 18, Watertown Purple Pigs 9 
Huron Wicked 17, Watertown Black ABRA 2 
Sioux Falls Base Invaders 12, Watertown Sioux Valley Repair 9 
Dawg Pound 18, Walk Off Warriors 17 
Wicked 13, Base Invaders 9 
Dawg Pound 12, Wicket 11


Loser’s Bracket 
Purple Pigs 16, Misfits 1 
Sioux Valley Repair 17, Black ABRA 12 
Purple Pigs 13, Black ABRA 3 
Sioux Valley Repair 14, Misfits 2 
Purple Pigs 10, Base Invaders 9 
Sioux Valley Repair 20, Walk Off Warriors 8 
Purple Pigs 17, Sioux Valley Repair 8 
Purple Pigs 7, Wicked 5

Purple Pigs 6, Dawg Pound 2 
Purple Pigs 12, Dawg Pound 3


Winner’s Bracket

Watertown Xtreme Heat 18, Watertown Service Plus 9

Xtreme Heat 26, Sioux Falls Hot Shots 15

Service Plus 17, Hot Shots 9

Service Plus 14, Hot Shots 4



Xtreme Heat 16, Service Plus 12



Winner’s Bracket

Watertown Zesto-Cheap Rides-Weiss Eye Care 15, Watertown Arachnis Deathicus 4

Watertown 5th Base 16, Watertown Duane’s Floor Covering 10

Watertown Young’s Primetime Sports 14, Sioux Falls Hot Shots 3

Watertown Xtreme Heat 16, Watertown Service Plus 12

Zesto-Cheap Rides-Weiss 13, 5th Base 9

Xtreme Heat 16, Primetime 1

Zesto-Cheap Rides-Weiss 11, Xtreme Heat 1


Loser’s Bracket

Duane’s 21, Arachnis Deathicus 11

Service Plus 14, Hot Shots 4

Duane’s 20, Hot Shots 2

Arachnis Deathicus 19, Service Plus 4

Primetime 17, Duane’s 9

5th Base 17, Arachnis Deathicus 2

Primetime 18, 5th Base 8

Primetime 14, Xtreme Heat 9



Primetime 24, Zesto-Cheap Rides-Weiss 21

Zesto-Cheap Rides-Weiss 14, Primetime 4