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August Blues Across America

Aug. 08, 2018, 3:07 p.m. (ET)

  Region 2 I Ron Andrade, USA Softball of Massachusetts, is an all-around gentleman with a passion for the game of softball.  He has been registered as a USA Softball umpire since 1989 and honed his skills at several National Umpire Schools.  Because of the extra time put in, he was selected to work a National Championship in 2013.  Ron is an icon in Southeastern Massachusetts and it is virtually impossible to go out in public without running into at least a few people that know him from softball.  He continues to serve as a District Umpire-in-Chief (UIC) and works NCAA and NFHS levels.  
Region 2 I Frank Guglielmo, USA Softball of New York City, has many accolades over his years as a USA Softball umpire. Among them are his membership in the National Indicator Fraternity (NIF) and several 18-Under GOLD National Championship selections. He is a rules interpreter for the CHSAA and serves as the head clinician for the organization.  In addition to his numerous accomplishments, he has been a Varsity Coach in both boys’ and girls’ basketball on Staten Island for over 28 years and has been an educator  for over 31 years in the New York City public school system.
Region 4 I Karen Hackshaw, USA Softball of Alabama, has been a USA Softball umpire for 33 years.  Karen is a member of the Medals Program, National Indicator Fraternity (NIF) and is an Elite umpire.  Karen has worked 35 USA Softball National Championships, including eight Women’s Armed Forces Championships.

Pictured L to R: Rick Havercroft, Jerry Cook, and Billy Norton

Region 6 I  Rick, Jerry and Billy, USA Softball of Michigan, recently umpired together at the USA Softball Men's 50-Over Fast Pitch National Championship in Oklahoma City, Okla.  They have a combined 114 years of experience as USA Softball umpires.  This was the first trip to the Softball Capital of the World® to umpire at historic USA Softball Hall of Fame Complex for Billy and Jerry - something they were able to cross off their bucket list.
Region 6 I Rodney Miller (pictured left), USA Softball of Indiana, is shown getting ready to work the plate with one of his partners at a USA Softball National Championship.  Rodney has worked multiple National Championships in both Junior Olympic (JO) and Adult Fast Pitch Championship Play.  He is also a highly respected clinician that instructs at many USA Softball of Indiana clinics and schools each year.  
Region 8 I Dan Kunz, USA Softball of Minnesota, has been a registered umpire since 1992 and is a U.S. Navy Veteran and retired law enforcement officer of 23 years.  He credits starting his umpire career to his father, who was an umpire for many years. Dan has worked three USA Softball National Championships and marks his career highlight as working the final game of the Men’s C Slow Pitch National Championship last year at OGE Energy Field at USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium in Oklahoma City.  He credits his rise in the ranks to the training available through USA Softball and working with great partners and Umpire-in-Chiefs (UIC).
Region 8 I Michael Woods, USA Softball of Wisconsin, has been a USA Softball umpire for 21 years and began his umpire career after an injury ended his playing career.  Michael has umpired in three USA Softball National Championships - but has enjoyed helping young umpires get better and move on to top levels even more.

Region 8 I Lukas Klueber, USA Softball of South Dakota, lives in Rapid City and has been a USA Softball umpire for six years.  He recently went to his third-straight USA Softball National Championship – this year's 16-under Girls’ Fast Pitch Class A.  He has previously worked the 14-under Class A and the 18-under Class A National Championships.  In July, he attended the USA Softball National Umpire School Fast Pitch camp in Irvine, Calif.
  Region 10 I Alexis (left) and Sarah (right) Logan, USA Softball of Sacramento, both started umpiring in USA Softball-affiliated Rocklin and Roseville youth leagues.  As their skills improved they joined the Greater Sacramento Softball Association (GSSA), attended a USA National Umpire School and work games year-round for GSSA.  They both give back to the youth programs by helping train new Rocklin Youth umpires and working youth games.  Alexis has represented GSSA at three USA Softball National Tournaments and was inducted into the National Indicator Fraternity (NIF) in 2017.  Sarah says "This has been one of the best jobs I have ever had and it has kept me around the game that has given me so much.  Now it’s my turn to give back to the girls in the generations to come.”