USA Softball News April Blues Across A...

April Blues Across America

April 04, 2018, 6:09 p.m. (ET)

Lori Warne from Sioux Falls, S.D. explains a ruling to a men’s fast pitch player.  Lori has been an USA Softball umpire for over 30 years and is retired from a career in education.







Alexandria Huggins from Clintonville, Wisc. tracks the pitch while displaying great plate mechanics.Alexandria has umpired in two USA Softball National Championships in just four years as a registered umpire.






Bill Collins, pictured left, doing what he loves, umpiring. Bill a member of the NIF from USA Softball of Central Virginia loves spending his time training and working with younger umpires and trying to make them better.  He loves training these umpires as much as he loves being on the field calling games, and is a true professional.







Dominic Mercier joined USA Softball of Sacramento in 2011 where he worked as a slow pitch umpire and seeked mentoring from veteran umpires to improve his skills. Dominic has become a valued member of USA Softball of Sacramento, a NIF Member, who is known as the umpire who moves and shares his knowledge by mentoring new umpires, as well as assisting with association training and joint training with our local NFHS group. He works all levels of fast pitch from our Recreation Leagues from Men’s Fast Pitch, NFHS and NCAA games and slow pitch from local recreation games to the McQuade Slow Pitch tournaments in North Dakota.


Julian "JD" McGuire from USA Softball of Southern California always keeps his eye on the ball! He makes sure the ball is secure before calling the out. JD still plays ball with a group of friends on a slow pitch team and is a leader and mentor in Orange County umpiring.


Lynn Sewell of USA Softball of Mississippi has been a USA Softball umpire for 18 years. He is a veteran umpire which works the local leagues and has worked several Nationals Championships. Lynn has started recruiting and teaching umpiring in his small community field and believes that an umpire should never be the center of attention. He feels his best games are when he’s not a factor in the finish.



Robert Hale of USA Softball of Indiana has umpired in countless State and seven National Championships, and is most often found umpiring in his home town local league in Terre Haute, Ind. Not only has he umpired there for the last 33 years, but he is also a valuable member of the grounds crew and pitches in any way he can to help the league.  His tireless efforts have resulted in one of the fields being named in his honor!




USA Softball of Detroit’s Tom Fitzsimmons was the UIC and Bernadette Aaron, from USA Softball of Detroit, was a championship game umpire in a USA Softball National Qualifier hosted in Novi, Mich. Tom is a forty-three year veteran of USA Softball, NIF member, and a Gold level member of the medals program. Bernadette is the newest member of the Metro Detroit Umpire Staff.