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August Plays and Clarifications

Aug. 14, 2017, 5:53 p.m. (ET)

August 2017 Plays and Clarifications


Comments from the Director of Umpires

We are in full swing with our 2017 National Championships now that the Junior Olympic Fast Pitch Classification of play is complete. It appears even though we had nine Championships canceled due to lack of teams most of our National Championships were a great success without a lot of Umpire issues. Even though in a lot of cases rain played a big factor, the teams and the umpires adapted and made the first rounds of our National Championships a huge success.  We want to congratulate all the National Championship umpires for a job well done.

Now let’s keep it up on the Slow Pitch side. As we move toward the Slow Pitch Championships get ready, stay ready and prepare for your Championship. Remember if you are working the Men’s C, B, A, Supers, Women’s Open, and the Worth D Championships they are all held in OKC and it will be hot. It is still summer and the heat and humidity in OKC will be tough. Begin now and continue to hydrate through your Championship. 

WBSC Update

Recertification: 2018 is the year all WBSC umpires are supposed to recertify. However the WBSC is reconsidering if they need to have the recertification as often as originally planned. The WBSC Umpire staff will be meeting to discuss and hope to let us know at the middle to the end of August 2017. We will keep everyone informed.

WBSC Camps: We want to thank USA Softball of Ohio and USA Softball of Southern California for running very successful Certification Camps. Due to them allowing the camps to be held in their Association, keeping all the logistics in line and supplying the venues and games that are required for us to hold a camp, we had 18 USA Softball Umpires successfully pass the certification process. Camps are normally held by WBSC Umpire personnel but due to all the WBSC events going on this year Bob Stanton, Director of Umpires for the WBSC, allowed us to provide some of the observers. Thank you goes out to Bryan Smith from USA Softball of Michigan for helping at the camp in Ohio and to Chris Drumm USA Softball Director of Umpires and WBSC North American Supervisor and Lori Bish from USA Softball of Seattle.

Passing the Certification Camp in Ohio were, Ralph Anderson from USA Softball of Utah, Mike Burwell and Todd Davis from USA Softball of Ohio, Kim Johnson from USA Softball of Cincinnati, Scott Webb from USA Softball of Washington and Dave Selden from USA Softball of Michigan.

Passing the Certification Camp in Southern California were, Leslie Anderson from USA Softball of Wisconsin, John Baca from USA Softball of New Mexico,  Glenda Bates from USA Softball of Colorado, Alan Blanchard from USA Softball from of Greater San Joaquin, Glenn Brown and Tyler Moore from USA Softball of Washington, Mark Craver from USA Softball of Central California, Naomi Erdahl from USA Softball of North Dakota, Alan Freedman from USA Softball of Florida, Mark Korras from USA Softball of Southern California, Megan Rabin from USA Softball of Seattle, and Diana Welch from USA Softball of Illinois.

Congratulations to all of them for the hard work it takes to become WBSC Certified.  

Plays and Clarifications

Play: (Slow Pitch) With R1 on 2B and R2 on 1B B3 hits an over the fence homerun.  R1 and R2 stop and watch the ball go over. After the ball goes over the fence B3 passes R2 before stopping and going to the dugout. The umpire calls B3 out since he passed a runner and this is not a base running appeal as described in the rules.

Ruling: Incorrect. Once the ball clears the fence R1, R2 and B3 do not have to run the bases. Even though our rule, Rule 8, Section 3I Exceptions states: All Adult Slow Pitch. On any fair batted ball hit over the fence for a home run or on a four base award, the batter and all runners are credited with a run. The batter and any runners on base are not required to run the bases. This eliminates any appeal play on the runners. The elimination of any appeals intent is to not have any outs due to base running responsibilities for the runners or Batter-Runner.

Play: (Slow Pitch with Stealing) R1 on 1B and B2 (jersey #16) draws a live ball walk and proceeds toward 1B. Before B2 arrives at 1B, the coach informs the plate umpire “Courtesy runner #32 for #16. (#32) comes out of the dugout and stands on 1B as B2 (who never made it to 1B) goes into the dugout. (#32 is a legal CR.)

Ruling: The umpire should not allow the courtesy runner to go to 1B to run for B2 until B2 touches 1B and becomes R1. If they do this before the umpire can stop them you would have B2 out by Rule 8, Section 2D2 Effect: The Batter-runner is out. 

Play: (Slow Pitch) R1 on 1B and B2 at bat.B2 is in front of home plate but still in the batter’s box. In a) R1 leaves 1B as B2 swings at the pitch and misses before the ball reached home plate and in b) R1 leaves 1B after the swing which is after the ball reaches home plate. In both cases the umpire rules the base runner out because they left when the batter swung.

Ruling: Incorrect. This is a tough situation for any umpire to sell. By rule in (a) R1 should be called out for leaving the base early and in (b) they should not be called out. Keep in mind if  the swing and the leaving of the base are very close to the same time the ball reaches home plate, it would be a hard situation for an umpire to sell that they could tell the runner left before the ball reached home plate.

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