Q&A: Junior Women's National Team member, Bethaney Keen

April 27, 2017, 11:22 a.m. (ET)

First-time Junior Women's National Team athlete Bethaney Keen shares a little of how her first collegiate softball season has gone as a player on the USF squad. 

Q: How has your freshman year gone?

A: "We never think the game is actually over, and it has been great to play for a team that has the fight in them. What I like most about USF, and being a Bull are the relationships I have made with my coaches, and teammates not just on the field but off the field, as well as, having close friendships with people in other sports." 

Q: How did it feel to step out on the diamond for your first collegiate softball game representing your school?

A: "The first game being suited up in your college uniform for the first time was a great feeling. Going into the season, I was staying humble not expecting to start at first, but that first game I saw my name on the starting lineup, and I was so happy, and a little nervous. Not nervous really as in scared, but nervous because I was so excited to take the field with this team. My first game was an unbelievable experience, because I hit a walk-off, game-winning home run as my first collegiate hit in my first collegiate game, and that is a moment I will never forget. Every day I get to suit up, I play with passion wearing USF across my chest." 

Q: What were you looking forward to most this season?

A: Overall, this season I hope to become a better leader, and mature more as a player. I am a very passionate person, and learning to control that is what I hope to accomplish. All I can do is my best, and if awards or accolades come from that than that is a bonus. As a team, I hope to keep growing as a unit, and go as far as I know we are capable on going. Also, I am looking forward to the future of our program."