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TAKE 5 with Jolene Henderson

Aug. 18, 2014, 10:12 a.m. (ET)

From lifelong friendships to powerful life lessons to everlasting memories of thrilling victories, there are many reasons for your kids to play sports.

As a parent, you can encourage your kids to participate in, or at least try, youth sports. With so many other factors and activities pulling them in different directions, it’s important to properly frame and discuss the many rewards of playing sports.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Play Positive™ sat down with USA Softball standout Jolene Henderson to get her thoughts on the importance of playing sports along with the life lessons she learned.

In our exclusive TAKE 5 interview, Jolene told us that she believes the biggest life lesson taught by sports is how to connect with and inspire other people.

“The biggest life lesson I have learned through sports is how to impact lives,” said Jolene. “You learn how to make people better, and that is what makes you better.”

Jolene added that the opportunity for teammates to influence and impact one another continues to amaze her.

“The ability that teammates have on each other’s attitudes is astounding, and learning how to affect people positively in life is what makes the world better,” said Jolene.

Jolene said that sports also offer valuable lessons when it comes to living in the moment, and fully taking advantage of all of life’s opportunities when they arrive.

“Be present in the present, and be passionate about it,” said Jolene. “Passion is what makes being alive so amazing. So every moment that you have a chance to do what you love, do it with passion, and you will never regret anything.”

Jolene believes that the game of softball is especially powerful when it comes to experiencing, channeling and sharing this passion.

“Softball gives you an opportunity to become strong,” said Jolene. “It gives you a chance to fight adversity and deal with constructive criticism. But above all, it gives you a portal for your passion, and sparks a love for life.”  

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At Liberty Mutual Insurance, we constantly look for ways to celebrate the countless acts of sportsmanship and integrity shown by people every day. We created Play Positive™, powered by Positive Coaching Alliance, as part of this belief to help ensure that our kids experience the best that sports have to offer in environments that promote and display good sportsmanship. We believe kids can learn valuable life lessons when coaches and parents come together to support winning on and off the field.


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