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January 2008 Rule Clarifications and Plays

Jan. 31, 2008, 12:16 p.m. (ET)

As you are aware the 2008 Rule changes are now posted on the web page. However one rule has been changed by a code change and is not included. This the time limit rule for 10 and Under Junior Olympic Fast Pitch. The new rule now reads:

In Junior Olympic Girls’ 10-Under Class A and 10-Under Class B Fast Pitch pool play, the time limit will be one hour and forty minutes; no inning shall start after one hour and forty minutes.

2008 Casebook

The 2008 Casebook is in a slimmer and more concise form. Julie Johnson and her committee have done an outstanding job making the Casebook a usable tool for all our umpires. It has been completed and is now available for purchase in CD form. The 2008 case book includes plays from the past, 2007 clarified plays along with plays for 2008 rule changes.

2008 Teaching Aids

For the 2008 season, the National Umpire School Committee has put together an excellent agenda for our National Schools. PowerPoint presentations have been put together to focus on the mechanics needed to continue our outstanding umpire program. Local Association Umpire-in-Chiefs have been provided the Power-Points that have will be used in our National Umpire Schools for use at Local Clinics. Other Power Points have been put together to address other areas of Umpire Mechanics. We have included one of these PowerPoint presentations in this writing, The One Umpire System, which many of our Local Associations have requested. Microsoft PowerPoint is required to open this file.