BJ Fulk - Worth

One of the true gentlemen on the ASA Stadium Power Tour is BJ Fulk. Fulk is a life-long slugger for Team Worth and has earned just about every possible award that a home run slugger could win, which includes eight World titles, three-time Silver Slugger and five-time World Major MVP. Fulk hails from one of the nation’s softball hot beds - King, N.C.  Fulk loves slugging home runs almost as much as he loves Carolina BBQ.  He’s a vinegar sauce guy and has the cat-like quickness with a dinner plate and at home plate.


Kevin Kennington - Louisville Slugger

 Kevin “Smash” Kennington earned his nickname the old fashioned way— by slugging massive, big-time home runs. Kennington hails from Florida, but the softball field is the place he calls home.  Living in Florida gives Kennington the opportunity to train and play softball year round. Kennington began playing sports at age five with football and baseball but now softball and the design of bats is his focus and passion. Kennington is a big fan of the Louisville Slugger bat and feels that is his edge. 




Brian Wegman - Easton

Brian “Wegs” Wegman brings plenty to the plate as a softball player. You’re watching a legacy slugger at the plate as Team Easton has won the championship previously.  Wegman has also been named All-World nine times, has won six national titles as well as defensive player of the year.  Wegman makes quick work of it with his legendary quick swing and keen eye for the ball. Sports run deep in the Wegman family, as his brother, Bill Wegman, played for the Milwaukee Brewers for more than a decade. Wegman is a softball ambassador and recently returned from a good will trip to South Korea to promote softball and visit US troops. He owns Mid-American Ball Park because to him softball is more than a lifestyle - it’s his life.  


Ryan Harvey - Louisville Slugger

Ryan “Thor” Harvey received his nickname simply because he is as big as Thor and likes to swing the hammer. Harvey has been already been named All-ASA Silver Slugger and MVP. Harvey played in the big leagues for a number of teams, until an injury sent him to the dugout, but he still scratches the competitive itch with softball and his Louisville Slugger bats. A firm believer in hard work equals success, hours of extra BP have gotten him to the top of his game. In his spare time you can find Harvey in the gym as power lifting is a hobby and a way to ensure that he continues to send softball souvenirs flying. 



Travis Clark - Easton

Travis “The Blaster” Clarke uses a fast, whip-like swing to send softball souvenirs deep into the yard. Clarke may be a rookie on the tour, but don’t expect any nervous jitters at the plate. Clarke has years of experience to back up his Easton bat. Being a wily softball veteran has its advantages as Clarke has perfected his technique at the plate and could put on a seminar on the art of the swing.   Clarke is a lifelong Easton slugger and helps design and create the latest in bat technology.  He’s also a pitcher, providing an edge to knowing how to work the plate for his advantage. 



Denny Crine - Miken

Miken’s big man is Denny “Grand Slam” Crine.  Stepping up to the plate at 6’6”, Crine has blasted his way to four Stadium Power Tour championships. Heading into uncharted territory during the 2016 season, Crine will look to claim his fifth title. Crine was one of the first athletes to have a signature Miken bat – the DC 41 Super Max. Crine earned his reputation with a definitive stroke, the Classic Crine swing, which has been described as flawless. Earlier in his career, Crine played for the White Sox until an injury sent him to the dugout. Crine is on a history-making quest and is softball royalty. 


Chris Larsen - DeMarini

Chris “The Crusher” Larsen has the classic swing to send softball’s deep in the yard using his DeMarini Stadium CL-22 bat. Chris is one of the youngest players on the tour and has already claimed two championships on the ASA Stadium Power Tour. Not only is Larsen a professional softball player, he also works for DeMarini & Wilson Sporting Goods in the design of softball bats. Larsen has been named ASA/USA Softball All-American after his team won the ASA “A” Division Championship. He is a five-time ASA All-World selection and 13-time All-Tournament team member. Larsen lives in Oregon and is known for his love of the north woods.


Filip Washington - Combat

A rookie on the ASA Stadium Power Tour, Filip “Flip” Washington represents Team Combat. Washington played in the big leagues for seven years until an injury sidelined him, however, he quickly moved to the game of softball. Washington loves the competitive nature of the sport and the desire to be the best burns bright. Washington swings a Combat bat – his own Flip Washington model. Washington maxes out with text book technique and swings like man on a mission, making him one of the best long ball hitters in the game.



Ryan Dacko - Monsta

Team Monsta’s Ryan “D-train” Dacko hails from Southern California and is one of the youngest sluggers in the game. Don’t let his age fool you – he already has plenty of slugging experience to share. Dacko played baseball at the University of Massachusetts and he was recruited to play at the professional level — but fate stepped in and an elbow injury halted his career. Dacko transferred to the softball stage, where he loves the camaraderie and competition that the game offers. He’s also one of the designers and test pilots for the latest in bat technology. He works for Monsta Athletics, a company known for producing high performance softball bats. Sports play a big part in the Dacko family, as his father was a pitcher for the University of South Carolina while his uncle was on the mound for the Detroit Tigers. When he’s not on the field, you can find Dacko in the gym working out, riding his dirt bike and cooking Italian food.


Dale “Bubba” Brungardt - DeMarini

Brungardt is one of the youngest players on the tour and has the fast hands and power to get it done. Brungardt is a member of Team DeMarini and has text book technique.  Brungardt swings like man on a mission, making him one of the best long ball hitters in the game. Brungardt has been named All-ASA Silver Slugger and played in the 2015 ASA Super National Championship game. You can find Brungardt in the gym as power lifting is a hobby and a way to ensure that he continues to send softball souvenirs flying.



Tim Martinez - Monsta

Tim Martinez was welcomed to the ASA Stadium Power Tour after a lot of hard work and even harder swing and is one of the toughest hitters in the game today. Martinez calls Yuma, Ariz. home and loves the sunny, hot desert for an early morning run. Martinez’s dad taught him to love two things – to take pride and love America as well as to love and respect the mighty power of the home run. Martinez has a few heroes, his father and two grandfathers being at the top after they all retired from the Armed Services with over 60 years combined time. You can count on Martinez and his Monsta bat to put on a big time show as his goal is simple and to the point – make his first season on the ASA Stadium Power Tour one for the record books, meaning a championship.  


Chris  Greinert - Combat

Chris Greinert is known as the G-Mman and is one tough customer at the plate. The Maryland native has a softball resume that reads like a champ. Among his list of experience, he was named the 2012 ASA offensive MVP, 2012 ASA World Champion and 2012 ASA World Series home run champion. Greinert swings a Combat and does it with explosive power. He led his team to the ASA title game at the ASA Super National featured on CBS Sports in 2014. In his spare time, you can find Greinert in the gym powerlifting and putting in the time to get to the top of the ASA Stadium Power Tour.