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The USA Softball High Performance Program (HPP) will identify a pool of athletes to train, compete and represent USA Softball through domestic and international competition. The program will focus on providing an equal opportunity for players to show their talent while growing the game of softball in the United States. Serving as a pipeline to the National Team, the program is inclusive to all that wish to participate and develop their skills. 

Through the HPP, athletes around the country will have the chance to make a USA Softball National Team at multiple age groups. Working first at the regional level, the best talent in the game will get identified to make regional teams, compete against other regions, and potentially be selected to attend a National Selection Event for selection on a Age Specific National Team.  Athletes identified at the National Selection Event will be considered for invitation to a Trials for a USA Softball National Team to compete at a World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) international event. 

The HPP includes 10 regions. The program is headed by the USA Softball National Office and a committee that was formed to create the program and adjust, as necessary. The committee will also work to place individuals in roles throughout the regions and areas. Through evaluation, placement, and re-evaluation each year, HPP can identify athletes for advancement consideration, working to discover the future Women’s National Team athletes.

The HPP age classifications are based on the age guidelines for the WBSC competition schedule. Age groups are defined by birth year and an athlete must be the age group age throughout the entire year. For example, if an athlete is trying out for the 2023 14u region team, the athlete must not turn 15 until 2023. The age of the athlete on Dec 31, 2023 determines their age group for the calendar year of 2023. 

2023 Age groups that will participate in the program:

13u – Regional Pool and National Team(born 2010 or after)

14u – Regional Pool and National Team (depending on available WBSC qualifier) (born 2009 or after)

15u – Regional Pool and National Team (depending on available WBSC World Cup) (born 2008 or after)

16u – Regional Pool and National Team(born 2007 or after)

17u – Regional Pool and National Team (depending on available WBSC qualifier) (born 2006 or after)

18u – Regional Pool and National Team (depending on available WBSC World Cup) (born 2005 or after)

The HPP is broken into different regions. HPP Identifiers for each age group will be held in those respective areas followed by regional events (Invitational) and a National Event (Invitational). Age groups and try-out dates may be different from area to area based on seasonal and regional considerations.

You may attend an identifier outside your region and still be considered for your Regional Athlete Pool.

Click here to find a list of identifiers.

Players are selected to be a part of a Regional Athlete Pool based on evaluations at HPP Identifiers. The Identifiers will be uniform across the U.S., and all participants will be evaluated at one (1) or two (2) positions. The top athletes from a Regional Athlete Pool will be notified and will be invited to advance to the National Event. Identifiers and tryouts will be run by local coaches and evaluated by USA Softball National Team athletes, alumni, and other professional softball players. Selection of these players is not an easy task.
USA Softball is divided into ten (10) regions. Each region will offer competition for the HPP pools of athletes in each eligible age group. This will provide a higher level of playing experience for all participants from the regional level. From the Regional Identifier, athletes that stand out will be invited to the National Selection Events. After the National Event, USA Softball will recognize the top athletes at the age specific Top Performers for the current year.  From those top performers, possible invitation to a National Team trial, pool, or team participation would be extended based on the calendar of events for WBSC events. 
The National Team Trials are where athletes will compete in additional drills and games so that the National Team Selection Committee and age group head coach can evaluate and identify athletes for placement on a National Team.
1. The opportunity to be evaluated against your peers based on your performance
2. Quality competition: Games against other Regional HPP top performers.
3. Exposure to national team coaches and selection committee members.
4. The opportunity to represent one's region or country in competition.

Before the event, you must pre-register. Registration will cut off one week prior to the event. On-site registration is available for an extra fee of $20.

If you pre-register, you must bring your confirmation receipt or be able to pull it up on your phone. This will help the program coordinator find your registration quickly through your Member ID number. During the event, you will wear your Member ID number on your shirt for easy identification.