The ASA Hall of Fame Complex is widely regarded as the finest softball facility in the nation. With four fields and other world class amenities, the Complex has played host to the best softball competition in the world, including USA teams that represent the nation in international competitions.

Since its construction in 1987, the ASA Hall of Fame Stadium has grown from one field to four and has undergone several renovations to keep its title as the "Softball Capital of the World".  The Stadium Field boasts 5,000 seats, plus standing room, while three additional fields have covered concrete stadium seating.  The upper concourse connecting the additional fields also features concession stands and bathrooms.  Fans and teams will also get a chance to visit the National Softball Hall of Fame, which is located Southeast of the Complex at the ASA/USA National Office.  

ASA Hall of Fame Complex
2801 NE 50th Street
Oklahoma City, Okla., 73111