2013 UIC Clinic

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Feb. 07 - 10, 2013

2013 UIC Clinic Presentations

The 23rd Biennial National UIC Clinic was held February 7-10, 2013 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at the Biltmore Hotel.

Many of the break-out sessions were centered around the theme: “RECRUIT…TRAIN…RETAIN”., which explored how umpires can help in adding new business to their Local Associations by being “Competitive in our Competitive market”.   Also, we looked at how technology can aid in achieving this year’s three word theme.  Of course the trainers must be prepared to identify and relate to their given audience.  “Train the Trainers” focused on that aspect of the ‘big picture’.  Looking back to the future, will also revisted how to “Recruit and Train the Old Fashioned Way”.

Retention and training go hand in hand.  To that end, we examined how the "Evaluation Process” can use positive reinforcement to make umpires feel a sense of belonging at whatever level they choose to pursue.  During this entire process we reminded everyone  to never ‘forget where they came from’.  

On the mechanics side we’ll visited to the hot topic of ‘achieving proper angles by making wise adjustments’.  Our “Mechanics Illustrated” session looked at the most commonly missed mechanics at National Championships and we offered suggestions on how to help your umpires in mastering those mechanics. The staff visited the topic of drills, with the emphasis on how to get the most out of each drill you use.  We challenged all who attend to use theirimagination and create new drills.

Last but certainly not least, the hottest topic in softball, “Equipment” was explored in detail.