2018 USA Softball Collegiate Player of the Year "Watch List"

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Taran Alvelo
Washington I Pitcher

Maggie Balint
Oregon I Pitcher

Kelly Barnhill
Florida I Pitcher

Alyssa Barrera
Utah I Outfield

Kayla Bear
Eastern Illinois I Outfield

Kylan Becker
Ole Miss I Outfield

Devin Brown
South Alabama I Pitcher

Faith Canfield
Michigan I Infield

Kaylee Carlson
Auburn I Pitcher

Caleigh Clifton
Oklahoma I Infield

Jenna Cone
George Washington I Catcher

Elantra Cox
Ole Miss I Outfield

Aleah Craighton
Arizona I Outfield

Taylor Ellsworth
Texas I Catcher

Cortni Emanuel
Georgia I Outfield

Lea Foerster
Michigan State I Outfield

Rachel Garcia
UCLA I Pitcher

Meghan Gregg
Tennessee I Infield

Jessie Harper
Arizona I Infield

Carley Hoover
LSU I Pitcher

Kelsey Horton
New Mexico State I Utility

Maddie Houlihan
Minnesota I Outfield

Meghan King
Florida State I Pitcher

Megan Kleist
Oregon I Pitcher

Shay Knighten
Oklahoma I Infield

Kendyl Lindaman
Minnesota I Catcher

Emily Lochten
FAU I Infield

Amanda Lorenz
Florida I Outfield

Paige Lowary
Oklahoma I Pitcher

Alexis Mack
Oregon I Outfield

Taylor McQuillin
Arizona I Pitcher

Dejah Mulipola
Arizona I Catcher

Alexis Osorio
Alabama I Pitcher

Paige Parker
Oklahoma I Pitcher

Danielle Parlich
Minnesota I Infield

Jenavee Peres
San Diego State I Catcher

Kylee Perez
UCLA I Infield

Lili Piper
Ohio State I Infield

Sydney Romero
Oklahoma I Infield

Randi Rupp
Texas State I Pitcher

Shannon Saile
FIU I Pitcher

DJ Sanders
Oregon I Infield

Vanessa Shippy
Oklahoma State I Utility

Libby Sugg
BYU I Catcher

Taylor Van Zee
Washington I Infield

Tori Vidales
Texas A&M I Infield

Kyla Walker
Baylor I Outfield

Allie Walljasper
LSU I Pitcher

Jessie Warren
Florida State I Infield

Emily Watson
Tulsa I Pitcher