2023 USA Softball Procedural Code - Updated 3/9/2023

 2023 USA Softball Bylaws - Updated 2/23/2023

 2023 Code Changes with Comments - Updated 12/20/2022

 2023 Rule Changes with Comments - Updated 11/15/2022

 2023 Conflict of Interest Policy


2022 USA Softball Procedural Code - Updated 10/20/2022

 2022 USA Softball Bylaws - Updated 4/14/2022

 2022 Code Changes with Comments - Updated 10/26/2021

 2022 Rule Changes with Comments - Updated10/27/2021

 2022 Official Rulebook - Downloadable PDF


 2021 USA Softball Bylaws - Updated 10/13/2020

 2021 USA Softball Procedural Code - Updated 7/2/21


 2020 Bylaws Changes with Comments - Updated 12/5/19

 2020 Rulebook - Downloadable PDF 


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