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USA Roller Sports

National Headquarters

4730 South Street

Lincoln, NE 68506

Fax: 402-483-1465

Main Phone Line: 402-483-7551


Confidential Compliance Reporting x201

Conference Room & Meetings x202

National Museum of Roller Skating x203

Accounting & Financials x204

Speed & Figure Skating General Questions x205

Hockey, Roller Derby, Freestyle, Sanctions
Certificates of Insurance, & Accident Reporting x206

Membership Services x207

Social Media Communications x208

Support Services x209

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Speed Advisor x211

Technology and Website x212


USA Roller Sports Staff Bios

Name:   Eric Steele
USARS Title:  Executive Director
Phone: 402.483.7551 x210
USARS Year Debut
: 2018
Hometown: Punxsutawney, PA
Hidden Talent:  Winning at the video game NHL ‘94
When not at USARS, you can find me doing:  Spending time with my significant other Candi, working on antique projects, watching Penn State Football, Traveling & Cooking.
Coolest Desk/Office Item:  A Lego Mini Figure of Cobra Commander
Favorite USARS Memory:   The third Friday on the job….I was in the groove of work, things were clicking, and it just hit me that I knew I found a great career and organization to align with.
What makes USARS great:   The membership’s passion for their sport, a supportive professional staff and the commitment of the leadership from the Board of Directors and Committee Chairs.
My ultimate dream for USARS:  Significant membership growth, communication to our members, and of course the Olympics!
Coolest Item in the Roller Skating Museum:  The early 1900 speed skating uniforms, with the classic letter stitching on them!
Favorite USOC sport, that is not a USARS sport:  Rowing
5 Fun Facts about me: 1.  That I hold 2 degrees from Edinboro University  2.  I’ve never had a cavity 3.  I once held a world record for knot tying 4. I’m an Eagle Scout 5.  Use to be the mouse at Chuck E. Cheese

  Peggy Young
USARS Title:  Director of Support Services & Corporate Secretary
USARS Year Debut:  Hired briefly in 1975 by the United States Amateur Confederation (now USARS), then responsibilities in the shared headquarters were for the Roller Skating Rink Operators Association (now RSA), and back to USARS full-time since 1988.
Phone: 402.483.7551 x 209
Hometown:  Ithaca, NE
Hidden Talent:  I like to grow flowers.  
When not at USARS, you can find me doing;   Family history
Coolest Desk/Office Item:  Small antique skate pen holder
Favorite USARS Memory:   Working for George Pickard...such a good and intelligent person who gave his all to the sport and the skating business.  He was my supervisor for 25 years, and a friend for more than 40 years.
What makes USARS great:  The wonderful people involved.
My ultimate dream for USARS:  Of course Olympic participation is an ultimate dream because that recognition could bring a lot of good things to USARS, but another of importance is that the good work done by so many volunteers is widely recognized and appreciated.
Coolest Item in the Roller Skating Museum:  There isn’t just one...or two...or three... I really like the skates used in an opera on a simulated pond with blades that turn up, and the Plimpton skate that has interchangeable wheels and swan blades, the Ritter Road Skate with hinged splints that strap to the leg knee-high, and the display case with vaudeville memorabilia...and the one with the history of the Skating Vanities...and the one with the tent rink information...and, and, and...
Favorite USOC sport, that is not a USARS sport:  Ice speed skating, because so many successful members of their team started on roller skates.
5 Fun Facts about me:  1.  I grew up riding a motorcycle and was a bit of a dare-devil. 2.  I like to make cloth dolls and craft, time permitting. 3.  I enjoy reading. 4.  Most people believe I have straight hair, when it is actually very curly! 5.  I’ve taken a recent liking to country music songs because they tell stories and are sometimes amusing.

  Melannie Atteberry
USARS Title:  Finance Director
USARS Year Debut: 2012
Phone: 402.483.7551 x204
Hometown: Lincoln, NE
Hidden Talent:  None
When not at USARS, you can find me doing: If it’s summer, fishing.  In the winter, cooking and listening to jazz.
Coolest Desk/Office Item: Fishing themed Candy Jar made by Rhonda
Favorite USARS Memory: Becoming more involved in the execution of Nationals in 2017
What makes USARS great: The opportunity to interact with individuals all over the US
My ultimate dream for USARS: To build a program that brings roller skating to the local Parks and Recreation organizations.
Coolest Item in the Roller Skating Museum: The band organ
Favorite USOC sport, that is not a USARS sport: I don’t have one – I don’t normally watch television
5 Fun Facts about me: 1.  I have 2 children, 3 step children, and 1 grandchild 2.  I love fishing – and have caught 10 master anglers in 3 years. 3.  I have a piece of wood in my leg-which is great fun to show people. 4.  Hate snakes but love the outdoors. 5.  Have a strong dislike of any lemon scented cleaning products and cilantro.


 Brent Benson
USARS Title:  Hockey, Derby & Freestyle Director
USARS Year Debut: 2010
Phone: 402.483.7551 x206
Hometown: Minden, NE
Hidden Talent:  I can play pool left handed and right handed
When not at USARS, you can find me doing:   Golfing, playing hockey, watching Netflix, attending Nebraska Football and Basketball games
Coolest Desk/Office Item:  Photo of 2009 Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Championship Game
Favorite USARS Memory: My first Rink Hockey National Championships in Salt Lake City, Utah
What makes USARS great: The People- the skaters, the coaches, the officials, the volunteers, and especially the staff.
My ultimate dream for USARS: For USARS to have its own indoor and outdoor arena/training facilities/office/museum in one big location in Lincoln
Coolest Item in the Roller Skating Museum: The first “RollerBlade” inline skate, my first pair of inline skates were RollerBlade brand.
Favorite USOC sport that is not a USARS sport: Golf
5 Fun Facts about me: 1. I have been growing my beard for 1 year.  2. I own close to 50 pairs of shoes 3.  I have been golfing since I could walk 4.  I have only missed attending about 10 home Nebraska football games in my life. 5. I play in an adult ice hockey league.

Megan Schuller

USARS Title: Speed and Figure Skating Coordinator

USARS Year Debut: 2016

Phone: 402.483.7551 x205

Hometown: Lincoln, NE

Hidden Talent:

When not at USARS, you can find me doing: Spending time with my dog, shopping for some new shoes, cheering on the Huskers

Coolest Desk/Office Item: My bright green sticky notes

Favorite USARS Memory: Christmas lunch 2016

What makes USARS great: I love the passion that goes along with sports, and USARS definitely has that from all aspects of the organization

My ultimate dream for USARS: Olympics!

Coolest Item in the Roller Skating Museum: Giant off road rollerblades

Favorite USOC sport, that is not a USARS sport: Curling

5 Fun Facts about me: 1. I graduated from the University of Nebraska with a Hospitality Management Degree, and a minor in agricultural communications. 2. I studied abroad in the United Kingdom.  3. I love Disney, and collect all things Piglet & Pooh.  4. I had my front teeth knocked out playing softball. 5. I love tomatoes, and I eat one almost every day for breakfast

 Olivia Shelbourn
USARS Title: Communications Director
USARS Year Debut: 2016
Phone: 402.483.7551 x208
Hometown: Lincoln, NE
Hidden Talent: Cupcake decorating
When not at USARS, you can find me doing:  Attending classes
Coolest Desk/Office Item: A photo of my dog and I visiting Santa
Favorite USARS Memory: My first Indoor Nationals 
What makes USARS great: The office staff
My ultimate dream for USARS: To be included in the Olympics.
Coolest Item in the Roller Skating Museum: A jersey from the No Coast Derby Girls (a local roller derby team; also the team I skate for!)
Favorite USOC sport, that is not a USARS sport: Probably ice speed skating and ice hockey. Their sports similar to ours. Is that cheating?
5 Fun Facts about me: 1. I love to play video games. 2.  My favorite color is neon purple. 3.  I love to skate.  4. I enjoy travelling. 5. My favorite animal is a fox.


Name: Frank Joutras
USARS Title: Technology and Website Coordinator
USARS Year Debut: 2018  
Phone: 402.483.7551 x212
Hometown: Lincoln, NE 
Hidden Talent: Hot Sauce collector - Looking to develop "Hot Planet" website & Youtube Channel to travel the world rating hot sauces :-)
When not at USARS, you can find me doing: Developing and running Protonics Biomechanical Balance Systems -
Coolest Desk/Office Item: USA Olympics Banner.
Favorite USARS Memory: USA Nationals and meeting a whole spectrum of individuals and athletes.
What makes USARS great: The excitement of the sports. 
My ultimate dream for USARS: Create Team USA training site in Lincoln, NE with all the latest hi-tech gadgets and components.
Coolest Item in the Roller Skating Museum: Pig on Skates and Hi-Tech Rollerblades.
Favorite USOC sport, that is not a USARS sport: Snowboarding.
Fun Facts about me: 1. I'm Fast...Fast Frank that is :-). 2. Love Hot Sauce...except for the next morning.  3.  Enjoy Scouting and Camping.  4. Into developing the future.  5. Laughter is the cure!


Name: Tina Brendle
USARS Title: Membership Services Director
USARS Year Debut: 2018  
Phone: 402.483.7551 x207
Hometown: Reading, PA 
Hidden Talent: Is sarcasm a talent?
When not at USARS, you can find me doing: Exploring Lincoln, spending time with my dog, cooking, baking, traveling, shopping, spending entirely too much time on Facebook, reading or sleeping.
Coolest Desk/Office Item: Since I haven’t yet made my desk my own, I’ll go with my spiffy new laptop
Favorite USARS Memory: July 23, 2018 – my first day on the job!
What makes USARS great: The passion an dedication of everyone involved.
My ultimate dream for USARS: Olympics!
Coolest Item in the Roller Skating Museum: After having lived in Texas for the past 13 years, I’m going to have to go with the Cowboy Boot skates.
Favorite USOC sport, that is not a USARS sport: Gymnastics
Fun Facts about me: 1. I am always up for a trip – road, train, plane or boat. It’s all about the adventure and the people you meet along the way.   2. I hate wearing shoes of any kind and am barefoot as much as I can be  3. I’ll consider you weird if you don’t like cheese or chocolate  4. I have saltwater in my soul and I find solace at the beach 5. I have McDonald’s money and caviar dreams.

USA Roller Sports Advisors

 Ricci Porter-Kmetz
USARS Title: Speed Advisor
USARS Year Debut: 2007 
Phone: 402.483.7551 x211
Hometown: Cheyenne, WY 
Hidden Talent: If you create a cheese and chocolate eating contest, I will probably win! 
When not at USARS, you can find me doing; Spending time with Jaxton and Kevin, skating, and at the gym. 
Coolest Desk/Office Item: Porter-family photo collage 
Favorite USARS Memory: Wow - just one?!?! One favorite is Pensacola nationals with my family and team. 
What makes USARS great: The passion the members have for their sports. 
My ultimate dream for USARS: On-point communication and messaging, tremendous growth at the entry level, and so much more, but it all starts with communication, messaging, and entry-level growth. 
Coolest Item in the Roller Skating Museum: Gloria Nord's Skating Vanities traveling trunk.
Favorite USOC sport, that is not a USARS sport: Short track or long track ice speed skating 
Fun Facts about me: 1. I only have two things left on my Life is for Living list - Tokyo and the Kentucky Derby (time for an update!). 2. I’m the current USARS March Madness Champion! 3. I love to travel, and actually love being in airports! 4. I am fascinated by real estate.  5. I started loving fashion the moment I was old enough to pick out my own outfits.