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In 1980 USAC/RS organized and created the Foundation to serve as an agency in which to centralize and improve USAC/RS charitable fund-raising activities and to manage, supervise, protect and invest the assets obtained through gifts, grants and bequests.  It was chartered in the State of Nebraska, with IRS recognition as a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization. The Foundation's Board of Trustees originally were all roller skating industry encompassing, including officers of the United States Amateur Confederation of Roller Skating (USAC/RS), now doing business as USA Roller Sports (USARS); officers and board members of the Roller Skating Rink Operators Association (RSROA), now doing business as The Roller Skating Association (RSA); rink suppliers and manufacturers of the trade organization RSM; and other interested parties.  At one time the Foundation Board of Trustees had nearly 35 members.  Its major accomplishment in the 1980's was to furnish the considerable funding necessary to build a 400 meter banked speed track inside the outdoor Olympic Velodrome located in Colorado Springs near the USA Olympic Training Center.  By 1985, for a variety of reasons, the Foundation grew dormant, without meetings and without a treasury, although the Foundation corporation filings were kept current by USAC/RS.

In 1993, motivated by athlete scholarship funding that became available through speed skating contest sponsorships, the Board of USAC/RS acted to revive the Foundation to administer this new program, using the old Foundation corporate shell. The USAC/RS Board of Directors voted unanimously to approve the reactivation of the Foundation for this purpose and a revision of the Foundation by-laws was drafted and subsequently ratified in March of 1993. The Foundation Board of Trustees as approved included: Charles Wahlig, USAC/RS President; Betty Ann Danna, USAC/RS Board Member; Adolph Wacker, member at large; Jim Ball, roller skating manufacturer; and Bill Steigner, roller skating supplier.  USAC/RS Executive Director George Pickard was named trustee and Secretary-Treasurer.  The IRS and the State of Nebraska (domicile) were thus notified of the new officers and the reactivation under amended by-laws.  The newly revised by-laws enabled the Foundation Trustees to elect their own officers.  Wahlig was elected President of the Foundation and Pickard was confirmed as Secretary-Treasurer.  In later USAC/RS Board actions, the Foundation Board was expanded to 7 and in 2010 to 9 members, all with vote.  USA Roller Sports, as represented by its Board of Directors, has remained sole member of the Foundation's public incorporation as a 501(c) 3 non-profit charity.

The Foundation was given new responsibilities on May 31, 1995, by petition to the jurisdiction of the District Court of Nebraska by the Board of Directors of USAC/RS, following an approving review from the Nebraska State Attorney General.  The judge authorized transfer to Foundation control that funding received from the 1984 Olympic Games in Las Angeles as distributed to each National Sport Governing Body, as well as all or part of the unrestricted gifts, grants and bequests received by USAC/RS in the future. The Foundation was to maintain oversight of all assets, the ownership of which is transferred to the Foundation; and to manage, invest and reinvest such other assets, as USAC/RS Board of Directors may choose. 

DISBURSEMENTS: Like all other sport non-profit organizations chartered by the IRS, the US Foundation for Amateur Roller Skating must publically file a 990 tax form that describes all its functions and governance for the previous fiscal year. In 2002, in the interest of creating a traceable paper trail of expenditures, the Foundation established the practice that all its payouts and deposits to and from its investment pool, must pass through the Foundation's bank checking account administered by the Foundation Treasurer.  The President and/or the Board of Trustees must authorize such investment pool disbursements, otherwise the checking account would be limited to a balance only sufficient to avoid bank service charges.  Previously payouts were wire transferred directly from the investment managers to the USARS bank account, and further distributions, such as scholarship money, was sent to recipients via USARS checks.  This process did not provide sufficient clarity for the Foundation to later track either recipients or usage.  Now no funds are wire transferred from the investment pool unless first passing through the Foundation checking account and at year end then audited by a CPA preparing the annual 990 tax report, to assure the Foundation checks and deposits balance as authorized.

MISSION STATEMENT  (Revision 10/29/02)

The United States Foundation for Amateur Roller Skating is chartered as a not-for-profit corporation and dedicates itself to fostering, encouraging and financially supporting all the recognized roller skating disciplines within this sport, in a manner in which its trustees determine may lead to growth in skater participation and greater appreciation for the competitive accomplishments of these athletes.  Such actions shall include the awarding of educational scholarships, sport training, the seeking of greater public recognition for roller skating as a sport, and the continuation of the status of roller skating as a participant in the Pan American Games, through the sponsorships of events and training which enhances its prestige among the Olympic Committees of the Americas and throughout the World.  The ultimate goal of all roller skaters is for participation in future Olympic Games.

The Foundation’s principal assets were inherited from the Los Angeles Olympic Games of 1984, similar to what was distributed to other sport federations then associated as members of the U. S. Olympic Committee.  These grants were bestowed on National Governing Bodies to support the achievement of excellence by American amateur athletes.  Combining the Olympic funding with additional revenues obtained from other sources, the Foundation accepted this responsibility as a long term commitment, and its trustees are charged with conserving these assets through preservation of the principal, while maximizing investment revenue to provide useful funding as sporting opportunities are presented, and as the needs of its athletes so require.

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