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STOP:   If you have a potential SafeSport Violation you need to report click here:  SafeSport Reporting Portal   Also if the issue involves a minor and prohibited conduct of abuse, you are required to notify the local legal enforcement authorities, where the incident occurred.


For USA Roller Sports Forms associated with Athlete Safety Click below


Below are several key links, references and resources available to the USA Roller Sports membership regarding Athlete Safety:


Athlete Safety Guide -CLICK HERE

  • The Athlete Safety Guide is a comprehensive  road map for all members on the subject areas of Prohibited Conduct, Reporting, the US Center for SafeSport’s  MAAPP, Pre and Post event sanctioning and follow up.   It is this document that you will want to have downloaded to your phone or printed out and in hand ready to access.  
  • In addition the guide also includes information on Criminal Background Checks, Jurisdictional Authority, and Enforcement.


Click here to access the website for the US Center for SafeSport:

Click here to access the website for the USOPC’s Athlete Safety & Services Page:


2020 SafeSport Code 4-1-20

  • The SafeSport Code is clear and is the ultimate authority regarding prohibited conduct.   


Minor Athlete Abuse and Prevention Policies  (MAAPP) Click Here

  • Designed to prevent abuse and maintain safety, the MAAPP is the standard all USOPC National Governing Bodies of sport, must adhere to.


USA Roller Sports SafeSport Bylaws Reference

Article X: Section 2:

As a member National Governing Body of the United States Olympic Committee, USARS is required to adhere to the SafeSport Rules and Regulations of the USOC. Additionally, USOC Bylaw Section 8.7 (l) provides that, as a condition of membership in the UOSC, each NGB shall comply with the policies and procedures of the independent safe sport organization designated by the USOC to investigate and resolve safe sport violations. The USOC has designated the U.S. Center for Safe Sport as that organization. The current SafeSport rules, policies and procedures are available at the offices of USARS or on-line at the following website: As a condition of membership in USARS and a condition for participation in any competition or event sanctioned by USARS or its member organizations, each athlete, coach, trainer, agent, athlete support personnel, medical or para-medical personnel, team staff, official and other person who participates in USARS or USARS events (whether or not a USARS), agrees to comply with and be bound by the SafeSport rules, policies and procedures of the U.S. Center for SafeSport and to submit, without reservation or condition, to the jurisdiction of the US. Center for SafeSport for the resolution of any alleged violations of those rules, policies and procedures, as may be amended from time to time. To the extent any USARS rule is inconsistent with the rules of the U.S. Center for SafeSport, such rule is hereby superseded. If the U.S. Center for SafeSport declines jurisdiction, USARS would assume jurisdiction and review consistent with its rules.


Procedures for Filing a Grievance or SafeSport Report


There are 2 types of filings that may occur related to Athlete Safety and grievance/complaint reporting.


The first is internally with USA Roller Sports by utilizing the procedures lined out in Article XII Sections 1-16 of the USA Roller Sports Bylaws  located here. 

In addition the following resources are also available to assist in making a report:  


  • Complete the Ethics Code Violation Report form
  • Dial the USA Roller Sports Compliance Line at:  402-483-1465 x 201.
  • All Ethics Code Violation Reports should be sent directly to the Executive Director
  • Note:  USA Roller Sports reserves the right to forward to the US Center for SafeSport, any Ethics Code Violation Report that may contain within the report a SafeSport code violation.


The second is externally from USA Roller Sports through the US Center for SafeSport

  • This method is available for you to directly report through the center’s reporting portal by clicking here:
  • Or you may request that USA Roller Sports make the report on your behalf by contacting our office at 402-483-7551.


Additional Notes Related to Reporting:

  • Anonymous reporting is always accepted.
  • In all cases where the US Center for SafeSport is involved, jurisdiction with regard to investigations and discipline will be dictated by the US Center for SafeSport.    As a result, the Center reserves the right to return cases back to USA Roller Sports to handle.
  • For cases that involve an emergency, illegal or potentially illegal activity the reporting party should immediately notify the local authorities within the jurisdiction for which the offense may have occurred by going through law enforcement, child protective services or other agencies specific to that area.


SafeSport Training is conducted through the U.S. Center for Safe Sport:  To take your SafeSport Training, log into your dashboard in the USA Roller Sports Online System 

*USA Roller Sports will only accept SafeSport Training certificates from the SafeSport system directly, or from other National Governing Bodies recognized by the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee.