Q: Is USA Roller Sports an insurance company?

A: No.  USA Roller Sports is not an insurance company; we are the National Governing Body (NGB) of Roller Sports in the United States and are recognized by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) as such.  We are required by the USOC to carry accident and liability insurance for our clubs, athletes, coaches and officials.  USA Roller Sports purchases these policies from an insurance company through an insurance broker.

Q: What does our club need to do to sign up?  

A: The ‘Roller Derby Guide’ found at http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Roller-Sports/Roller-Derby/Roller-Derby-Guide provides detailed information on the steps that need to be followed to get registered with USARS.  The club charter application and membership applications for the officers on the charter are the first things that must be submitted.  

Q: The membership application states that birth verification is required for first time registrations.  What can I send in for this?

A: A copy of a driver’s license, passport, or birth certificate will suffice.  The document must have your full legal name and date of birth on it.  Only one form of identification is required.  

Q: How old must an individual be to obtain a USARS derby membership under an adult club?

A: The minimum age to obtain a USARS derby membership with an adult club is 14. For insurance purposes, minors under 14 are not allowed to have a membership affiliated with an adult club, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Minors 14 and up must complete the Roller Derby Minor paperwork to participate in games with adults. (add link here to the Minor Waiver paperwork found on the Forms page http://www2.teamusa.org/USA-Roller-Sports/Resources/Forms.aspx

Q: Can minors on a USARS team compete against a WFTDA team?

A: Yes, if the hosting team allows it.

Q: Can minors and adults be on the track at the same time?

A: Yes, but only non-contact drills and skating are allowed.  If any contact drills are incorporated into the practice schedule, juniors (minors under 14) and adults must split up.  Contact skating between adults and minors under 14 would void the insurance.    

Q: Are co-ed activities covered (I.e. can I skate with men)?

A: Yes.  The USARS policy extends to co-ed and men’s activities so this is permitted as long as the facility is properly chartered for practices or the event has been sanctioned.   

Q: How exactly does the insurance work?

A: When an individual joins USARS (by submitting a complete membership application), they are eligible to receive the membership benefits (magazine subscription, excess accident/medical coverage, etc.).  The insurance policy that USARS purchases’ is predicated on the following skating activities: 1) an “official practice” at a USARS chartered facility or 2) a USARS sanctioned competition/event.  Events and practices which do not meet the aforementioned will not be covered under the USARS insurance policy.  

Q: What constitutes an “official practice”?

A: “Official practices” are regularly scheduled (I.e. same days and times- for the most part) practices at a USARS chartered facility where at least one club officer or coach is in attendance.  Coaches and officers must be active USARS members.  Other USARS club members may participate in another club’s “official practice”.  Practices can include drills and scrimmaging. 

Q: If a skater who doesn’t have USARS practices with us, is our USARS insurance void?  

A: No.  The other skaters that are USARS members will still be insured.  It is recommended that you have the skater without USARS sign a waiver indemnifying and holding your club and USARS harmless from any and all liability; the individual needs to understand that they are participating at their own risk.  

A: What is sanctioning?

A: Sanctioning is getting your event officially approved by USARS so that the insurance is valid.  If your club is having an event that is not an “official practice” then it needs to be sanctioned for insurance to be valid.  Events that are advertised (on website, flyers, posters, etc.) where the club will be charging admission to spectators must always be sanctioned.  To apply for a sanction, the aggressive sanction application must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event to avoid the late fee.

Q: Will one sanction cover men’s and women’s or women’s and junior double header event?

A: No, separate sanctions must be applied for accordingly.  

Q: What do we do if our juniors are doing a half-time demo/expo during our sanctioned bout?

A: The juniors need to apply for a separate sanction. 

Q: What do I do if I get injured while skating?

A: Complete an accident report form and submit it to USARS.  Once the form has been reviewed by USARS and membership verified a packet of information on how to file the claim will be sent out to the injured party.  It is then their responsibility to read through the materials and submit the claim - you will need to keep copies of bills and EOBs.  Please note that the policy is a reimbursement policy so nothing will be paid up front and the deductible must be met before any payment will be made by the insurance company.   

Q: How long do I have to file an accident report form?

A: Accident report forms must be in our office within 2 weeks of the accident.  Insurance coverage can and will be denied if this deadline is not met.  

Q: I have a question about a claim that I submitted.  Who should I contact?

A: Please call the number on the claim filing procedures form that you were sent as USA Roller Sports does not process any claims.  

Q: Is a skater covered if he/she is not wearing all the required protective gear?

A: No.  All safety gear must be on at all times if skates are on skates.  Skates should be the last thing a skater puts on and the first thing they take off when gearing up.  

Q: We are no longer practicing at our chartered facility.  Can we transfer the charter to a new facility?

A: No, club charters are not transferable.  If you leave one facility, you cannot move the charter over to another facility.  You must submit a new charter application for any new facilities.

Q: Are EMTs and other medical personnel covered under the USARS liability insurance?

A: No, they are not covered.  These individuals should carry their own liability before being allowed to perform medical services at an event.

Q: I need the USARS numbers for skaters on my club.  Where can I find them?

A: The USARS membership listing is available at: http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Roller-Sports/Resources/Member-Lists.aspx


Q: When does the USARS season end?

A: The USARS membership season runs from January 1st- December 31st.  

Q: What do I do if I suspect a skater is under the influence of alcohol or drugs while skating?

A: Report this immediately to a coach, trainer, or ref as they should not be allowed to skate under the influence as it is dangerous to those around them.  Persons under the influence are not covered by the insurance policy in the event of an injury.  

Q: I recently moved and want to join a new derby club.  Can I transfer my USARS membership to my new club?

A: Yes.  If you already have a current USARS membership card and you are certain that your new club is registered with USARS already, you just need to complete the transfer form and send it to the USARS office with your old membership card.   

Q: What if I can’t get the releasing club to sign off on my transfer application?

A: Go ahead and submit it without the signature and it will be reviewed by the USARS Executive Director.  Please include a brief letter/note explaining why the signature is missing.

Q: I moved- do I need to contact USARS?

A:  Yes, please.

Q: Does USARS offer Single Day Passes?

A:  Only for non-citizens living outside the US.