USA Roller Sports World Team Endowment Fund


PairsRoller Skating is a wonderful sport that enables athletes to choose different ways of developing their athletic skills. Whether Speed, Hockey or Figure skating, athletes strive for their best performance. When they qualify for a World Team, we want to be able to send them expense paid to that competition. Right now we are unable to do that.

Consequently, USA Roller Sports, a 501(c)3 organization is seeking the assistance of philanthropic grants and donations from interested skating friends to create an endowment that will ensure these athletes can have their expenses met.

We hope that those people who care about the sport or people within the sport will consider a tax deductible donation to ensure the continuous involvement of talented athletes to compete in International Competition.

Please consider helping our athletes at whatever level you feel you can support given your life circumstances.

The purpose of the endowment is to perpetually fund the International Travel of USA Roller Sports Athletes.

Speed SkatingGifts to this fund are restricted and cannot be used for any purpose other than our World Team Athletes. The net fair market value of your gift can be considered as a charitable contribution for income tax purposes. Acknowledgement of your gift will be provided by USA Roller Sports.

Persons or organizations donating resources to the endowment fund will be recognized in USA Roller Sports publications.

What is an endowment?

An endowment fund is very similar to a trust. Gifts are made to the fund which increases its principal. Only the earnings may be spent. An annual “harvest” of these earnings will be used to perpetually fund international travel for our Junior and Senior World Class Team athletes.

Thus far we have raised approx $40,000 toward our goal. We are seeking grant money to assist with building the endowment but we must demonstrate that our own membership believes in the program and contributes at least 5% of the necessary funds.

A very generous figure judge, Evelyn Fisher, donated one quarter of her estate to this fund. Evelyn’s untimely death in 2009 was a major loss to the sport, but her contributions will live on in perpetuity.

Jack and Nancy Becker have made an $11,000 cash donation We understand that economic times are challenging but ask that you consider donating to this fund as one of your yearly considerations. We all donate to charities that are important to ourselves or our values. We give $10 to Girl Scouts or donate to Salvation Army kettles during the holidays. Skating is an important segment of your life and hope you will consider a donation to this deserving cause. No gift is too small.

The following people within our sport throughout all disciplines have donated to this endowment: (Starred (*) indicates GOLD Level)

Click Here For World Team Endowment Fund Donation Form

Gold Level - $1000 - The highest level of generous donation receives all the benefits of the Silver and Bronze levels plus a World Team Jacket or World Meet Pass.

Silver Level - $500 - A most generous level of support for the USA Roller Sports Teams. Receive all of the benefits of the Bronze Level plus a free ticket to World Class Night(s) at the National Championships.

Bronze Level - $250 - The entry level of generous support for this special program receives a team pin, T-shirt, invitation to the World Team reception and photo.

Strike a Match - $45 - A commitment from all participants to support Roller Sports Athletes by matching the yearly Membership Card fee. Receive the World Team pin as a token of our appreciation.


David & Debra Adamy II Nicole Giannino Thomas Panno
Bob & Annelle Anderson Bernard Gilliam Dave Pate
Christopher Anderson Roger Goetz Claire Peterson
Nicole Anderson Judy & Edward Graves , IMO Doris Giardini Ricci Porter
Patricia Babel Pam Hall Rochelle Posser
Katie Bacon Patricia Hanaway , IMO Doris Giardini James Purracchio
Richard Barkman Miranda Harding-Scudder Paula Purracchio
Jack & Nancy Becker Cynthia Hill , Stars on Wheels George & Mary Pyche
Thomas Beebe Bill & Ginny Houle Verna Quaranto
AllenBell John & Crystal Hultquist John Rangel
Anthony Bland Darryl Hunter Amy Readshaw
Allison Bolt Hazel Inman Jessica Reece , IMO Doris Giardini
Michael Brock Roberta Jackson , IMO Doris Giardini Tony Rice , IMO Doris Giardini
Robert W Brockway Tiffany Jessup Joyce Ritter
Danny & Kim Brown , Rollhaven Skating Center Bruce Johnson, Bruce Johnson Associates, Inc. Victor Rodriguez
Loren Burns Krysten Johnson Roller Garden Assoc , IMO Doris Giardini
Enid Busser , IMO Doris Giardini Cecelia Kelley Virgil & Helen Ross , IMO Doris Giardini
Margaret Cain Jennifer Kelly Linda Ruiz
Gary Callahan George Kolibaba Carolyn Rydgen , IMO Doris Giardini
Pat Caprara Jacqueline Lankowski Joni Salmon
Gabriele G. Carey Stephen Larios Wendy Salome
Jacob Cartmill Sven Larsen Jeanne Sandford
Christina Cassio Foster Lee John T. Scott
Lynette Cassio Jennifer Legary Natalia Seiden
John Cawly John Lehni IMO Yumi Goody Angela Serini
Kimble Chew James Lemma Karen Shield
John Chrien Dorothy A. Leppin Bethany Siedel
Starla Clark Reba Leuthold Earl & Jean Smith , IMO Doris Giardini
Scott Clifford Paul Libke Judy Smith
Darlene Clubb Richard Lines *William & Marian Spooner , Eunice Pickup
Cynthia Cobb Missy Lingo , Tampa Skating Club Sara Stinnett
Katryn Confer Daniel Martin Carole Stout, IMO Robert Wollard
Rodger Confer William Mastriano Natalie Sturm
Jonathan Corchnoy Bradford Max Peggy Swisher , IMO Doris Giardini
Sandra Cox Reanon McCartney , South Central Region Alfred Taglang
Dawn Cunko , IMO Doris Giardini IMO Oliver Meyer David Tassinari
Joe & Betty Ann Danna Aiden Meacham Kathleen Tini
Sandra Diaz Taylor Miller Miranda Van Atta
Leslie Dooley Linda Miner , IMO Doris Giardini Mathew Vieke
Barbara Dowd Caroline Mirelli, IMO Doris Giardini Linda & Brian Walker
Marjorie Dykeman Caitlin Mitcherson Marke Wehde
Carey Elder Michelle Muckey David Weimer
Sue Ellis Julie Murphy Bette Jean Wilson
Howard Engle Brendan Murray Jaye Winemiller
Alex Fedak , IMO Doris Giardini Louise Neal Jolie Winemiller
Estate of Evelyn Fisher Marsha Neary Jane Wojnarowsky
Brandon Fisher Michael Nelson Kathy Yost
Matthew Flora Ron Nichols Dan Zielinski
Shauna Fossum North Central Region , IMO Doris Giardini
Julie-Ann Gardner Nothing Fancy Café, LLC
*Brian Geisel ,Geisel Family Foundation Nothing Fance Rink, LLC




Inline Hockey


First Name Last Name Company Name
David & Debra Adamy II
Christopher Anderson
Patricia Babel
Katie Bacon
Richard Barkman
*Jack & Nancy Becker
*Allen  Bell
Anthony Bland
Allison Bolt
Robert W Brockway
*Danny & Kim Brown , Rollhaven Skating Center
Pat Caprara
Gabriele G. Carey
Jacob Cartmill
Kimble Chew
John Chrien
Starla Clark
Darlene Clubb
Rodger Confer
Katryn Confer
Joe & Betty Ann Danna
Leslie Dooley
Marjorie Dykeman
Sue Ellis
Howard Engle
Brandon Fisher