USARS QuickLinks – What Are They?

QuickLinks are an easy way to get to the content that you want on

You don’t need to worry about capitalization.  You don’t need to worry about website navigation.

Just put one of the keywords in front of “” followed by a period into your browser address bar.*

Example – You want to find a form.  Simply enter “forms.” In front of “” ex. “” into your browser address bar.

QuickLinks are not meant to be clicked on, but entered into your browser address bar. Just enter and go!

Here is the current list of active QuickLinks: – go quickly to the homepage

Specific Resources

Member Type Resources – Specific to membership type

Discipline/Sport Pages – Great to share information about your sport with others

Do you have an idea for another QuickLink? Submit it to

 *If you have search enabled from your browser address bar, the appropriate content should be shown at the top of the search results or just below the sponsored content.