Effective as of November 8, 2020


President & Chairman of the Board (one-year term) Heidi Permatteo    

Vice President (one-year term) Stephen Carter

Treasurer (one-year term) Kay Gallatin

Corporate Secretary Brent Benson





3 Year Terms, Unless Otherwise Noted

Terms Expiring: 


Grassroots Gypsy Lucas

Officials Kay Gallatin

Figure Athlete Allison Kiger 

At-Large Stephen Carter

Ex Officio-World Skate Fernando Regueiro 

Ex Officio-World Skate America   John Fearnow

Inline Hockey Expertise- 1 yr Term Jon Roux



Inline Hockey Athlete Chalie Sgrillo II

At-Large Tom Hughes

Coaches Heidi Permatteo



Clubs Annelle Anderson

Grassroots Kelly Springer

Rink Hockey Athlete Bill Mihay

Speed Athlete Erin Jackson

Roller Derby Athlete Misty Greer (Interim)- Election to be held



USOPC- AAC Representative Joyann Donaldson



Executive Committee

(Serving on behalf of the Board of Directors, when the full Board of Directors is not in session)


Heidi Permatteo

Stephen Carter

Kay Gallatin

Allison Kiger- Athlete

Joyann Donaldson- AAC Rep


USA Roller Sports Staff

Interim Executive Director: Ricci Porter-Kmetz

Sport Operations Director: Brent Benson
Sport Operations Coordinator: Megan Schuller



2020-2021 Sport Committees

Figure Skating Term Expires
Tony Berger Fall 2021
Joyann Donaldson- Chair- Athlete Fall 2021
Doug Adams Fall 2021
Curt Craton Fall 2022
Jodee Viola Fall 2022
Jaymee Meloy- Athlete Fall 2023
Lawaun Modrich Fall 2024
Katelyn Rodgers- Athlete Fall 2024
Janet Pavilonis Fall 2024
Speed Skating Term Expires
Gypsy Lucas Fall 2021
Deborah Alpers- Nonvoting Fall 2021
Jay Ingram Fall 2022
Kelly Springer- Chair Fall 2022
Tony Cabral Fall 2022
Erin Jackson- Athlete Fall 2023
Mary Allmond Fall 2023
Dennis King Jr Fall 2023
McKenzie Brown- Athlete Fall 2024
Caleb Wakefield- Athlete Fall 2024
Rink Hockey Term Expires
Duane McMinn- Head Official- 1 Year Term Fall 2021
Scott Ferguson - Athlete Fall 2021
Bryce Robinson Fall 2022
Rachel Trussell- Athlete Fall 2022
Jim Trussell Fall 2022
Tom Hughes Fall 2023
Pat Ferguson Fall 2023
Rodrigo Calvo-Leni- Athlete Fall 2024
Brent Sisson- Chair Fall 2024
Inline Hockey Term Expires
Keith Noll Fall 2021
David Marmorstein Fall 2022
Charlie Sgrillo Fall 2022
Jonathan Mosenson- Athlete Fall 2022
Jon Roux- Chair Fall 2023
Melanie Bogus Fall 2023
Dustin Brown- Athlete  Fall 2024
Charlie Sgrillo Jr- Athlete Fall 2024
Roller Derby Term Expires
Fernando Regueiro Fall 2021
Robyn Clark Fall 2022
Misty Greer- Chair- Athlete Fall 2023
Stephen Carter- Athlete Fall 2023
Sabra Bunger Fall 2023
Christina Gerrish Fall 2024
Carrie Craft Fall 2024
Executive Committee Term Expires
Heidi Permatteo - Chair Ex Officio
Stephen Carter- Athlete Ex Officio
Kay Gallatin Fall 2021
Allison Kiger- Athlete Fall 2021
Joyann Donaldson- AAC Rep Fall 2021
Finance Committee Term Expires
Kay Gallatin- Chair Fall 2021
Janet Pavilonis Fall 2021
Annelle Anderson Fall 2021
Stephen Carter- Athlete Fall 2021
Joyann Donaldson- AAC Rep Fall 2021
Heidi Permatteo- USARS President - non-voting ex-officio
Compliance, Ethics, Eligibility Committee  Term Expires
Curt Craton- Chair Fall 2021
Christina Gerrish Fall 2021
Gloria Manning Fall 2021
Hannah Patawaran Fall 2021
Lani Nacol - Athlete Fall 2021
Jessica Gaudy- Athlete Fall 2021
Committee on Committees Term Expires
Heidi Permatteo Current President
Joyann Donaldson- AAC Rep Spring 2021
Stephen Carter- Athlete Spring 2021
Allison Kiger - Athlete Spring 2021
Annelle Anderson Spring 2021
Nominating Committee Term Expires
Trace Hansen - Chair Fall 2021
Joyann Donaldson-  ACC Rep Fall 2021
North East Region –TBD Fall 2021-rotating
South East – TBD Fall 2021-rotating
East –TBD Fall 2021-rotating
Athletes Advisory Term Expires
Allison Kiger Fall 2021
Charlie Sgrillo Jr Fall 2022
Bill Mihay Fall 2023
Erin Jackson Fall 2023
Roller Derby Athlete- Misty Greer (Interim)- To Be Elected Fall 2023
Joyann Donaldson- AAC Rep Fall 2024
Hall of Fame and Awards Term Expires
Annelle Anderson- Chair Fall 2021
Tom Hughes Fall 2021
John Gustafson Fall 2021
Keith Noll Fall 2021
Buggy Almond Fall 2021
 Elite Coaches Selection Term Expires
Tom Hughes- Chair Fall 2021
Ken Shelton Fall 2021
Gloria Manning Fall 2021
National Championships Planning Term Expires
Danny Brown - Co-Chair Fall 2021
Kelly Springer Fall 2021
Ed Harney Fall 2021
Gypsy Lucas - Co-Chair Fall 2021
John Fearnow Fall 2021
Mykal Pedraza Fall 2021
Stephen Carter Fall 2021
Star Skate- Education Term Expires
Joyann Donaldson Fall 2021
Heidi Permatteo Fall 2021
Gypsy Lucas- Chair Fall 2021
Patricia Leazier Fall 2021
Stephen Carter Fall 2021
Mykal Pedraza Fall 2021
Special Communications and Technology Committee Term Expires
Charlie Sgrillo Jr Fall 2021
Roberta Jackson Fall 2021
Christina Gerrish Fall 2021
Jazzman Foster Fall 2021
Cara Ross- Chair Fall 2021
Patricia Bauler Fall 2021
 Figure- Academy Leaders Term Expires
Vickie Bateman- Chair Fall 2021
Missy Lingo Fall 2021
Candice Heiden Fall 2021
Robyn Young Fall 2021
Tony Berger Fall 2021
Cindy Schrader Fall 2021
Marie Gaudy Fall 2021
Carlesa Williams Fall 2021
Sports Medicine Advisors Term Expires
Dr. John Hulquist - Chief Medical Advisor Fall 2021
Lori Brandon - Sports Medicine Advisor Fall 2021
Insurance and Risk Management Advisors Term Expires
Keith Noll - Advisor Fall 2021