Applications to be a Committee Member Needed
February 28, 2010 - Deadline for Receipt

At 2009 USA Roller Sports Annual Board of Directors Meeting, held in Lincoln, Nebraska, a new procedure was approve to select members of the Technical Leadership (discipline) Committees, with a goal to better facilitate input and create growth opportunities through rotation of members.  The disciplines of USA Roller Sports include:  Roller Speed Skating, Roller Figure Skating, Inline Hockey, and Rink Hockey.  Implementation of this process will begin immediately.

•    February 28, 2010 - Resumes must be received at the USA Roller Sports National Office (individuals can nominate themselves to serve on a Discipline Leadership Committee). 

•    Spring Semiannual Board of Directors Meeting - The Board will review all resumes and elect Discipline Leadership Committee members for each committee.

•    Discipline Leadership Committee Composition - Each Committee will be comprised of five to nine members and include 20% athlete representation (as defined below).  The USARS Board will be aware and sensitive to diversity of gender, ethnicity, geographic location in these appointments to ensure national representation and that these committees meet the requirements of the USOC. 

•    Chairperson - The USARS Board will elect the Chairperson of each Leadership Committee, who may be the Discipline Director if so designated by the Board. 

•    Discipline Director - One staff member shall serve as the Discipline Director (the director is a full-time paid staff position in the National Office).  The Discipline Director/staff member will have a vote on the committee and will report to the Executive Director. 

•    Term of Service - The term of service for each of the committee members elected at the 2010 Semiannual Board Meeting will be staggered from 1 year to 4 years to implement the process and assure continuity.  For the following elective period of each committee, terms of service will be for four years.  Term of Service will begin at the close of the Semiannual Meeting where member is elected.  Members, other than the Discipline Director/staff member may serve no more than two consecutive four-year terms.

Eligible for Election to the Discipline Leadership Committee - Resumes can be submitted for Board consideration from current members of the following membership classes:

Athletes - Speed, Artistic, Hockey Athletes for each discipline within USARS.  Only members who have attained 18 years of age or older and who meet the USOC definition of an active athlete (meaning they must have competed in roller skating in the Olympics, Pan American Games, Senior World Championships or other Senior International Elite Level Competitions within the immediately preceding ten years) may apply to and qualify for nomination for a Discipline Leadership Committee.

Officials - Speed, Artistic and Hockey Officials who are commissioned national championships officials and who have served in such a capacity for at least the immediately preceding two (2) years.

Coach - Speed, Artistic and Hockey Coaches who are USARS Advanced or Elite Coaches.

RESPOSIBILITIES DISCIPLINE LEADERSHIP COMMITTEES -  Discipline Leadership (Technical) Committees are charged with monitoring, evaluating and recommending changes or improvements to the curriculum of the competitive program, including, but not limited to, divisions, eligibility, competitive regulations, rules governing proper procedures, uniform and costume requirements, safety requirements, standards of officials, in addition to on-going evaluation and recommendations for events and training programs for athletes, coaches and officials.  Input shall be sought from all interested parties before finalizing recommendations to be submitted to members of the Board of Directors in a written report.

The following shall constitute cause for removal from the Discipline Leadership Committee:

•    Failure to attend two consecutive regular meetings of the Committee, except for reasons beyond the control of the member;
•    Unruly or disruptive behavior at a Board Meeting;
•    Violation of a USARS policy or USARS By-Law when the member knew or should have known of the policy or by-law;
•    An act or acts bringing disrepute on the Committee, USARS or the sport of roller skating.