Figure Committee and Minutes

Figure Sport Committee -

Curt Craton Fall 2022
Jodee Viola Fall 2022
Jaymee Meloy- Athlete Fall 2023
Lawaun Modrich Fall 2024
Katelyn Rodgers- Athlete Fall 2024
Janet Pavilonis Fall 2024
Joyann Donaldson- Athlete Fall 2025
Jody Harrah Fall 2025
Kristin Taylor Fall 2025

Standing and Sub-Committees

Regional Reps
Jody Harrah, - Southwest
Janet Jordan - Eastern
Gloria Manning - Southern
Lawaun Modrich - Great Lakes
Robin Orcutt – Northeast
Cindy Schrader, Co-Chair - Southeast
Christel Sorg - North Central
Cindy White - Northwest
Robyn Young-Co-Chair - South Central
Officials Subcommittee

Debra Adamy, Chair

Patricia Bauler

Ed Harney 

Bruce Muench

Louise Neal

Bob Styma

Al Taglang

Rules Subcommittee

Jessica Gaudy, Chair

Joyann Donaldson
Janet Pavilonis
Procedures Subcommittee
Ed Harney, Chair
Doug Adams
Curt Craton
RollArt Technical Committee
Patricia Bauler, Chair
Nellie Lillie, Vice Chair
Scott Clifford
Rachel Dols
Lisa Holderbaugh 
Special committee:
Academy Leaders Committee
Vickie Bateman, Chair
Tony Berger
Candice Heiden
Marie Gaudy
Missy Lingo
Cindy Schrader
Carlesa Williams
Robyn Young




Committee Minutes