Wayne Wojnarowsky was killed in an automobile accident in October of 1999.  Wayne was the embodiment of the dedicated roller skater, beginning as a competitor and evolving as a coach, a parent, a club official and a member of the USARS Board of Directors.  He was a disciplined person who believed in the structure of sport as a means for developing physical and emotional skills that would help young people to grow into successful adults.  In his memory, Wayne's family has endowed through USARS, a perpetual scholarship of $1,000 per year that will be awarded annually to the National Champion in Junior World Class Figures, alternating each year between the male and female winner.

This Champion must further qualify by authenticating a Grade Point Average of at least 3.0 from the previous school year.  The scholarship will be awarded, beginning in the year 2000, to the female Junior World Class Champion.  However, if the designated Champion cannot document at least a 3.0 GPA, the scholarship will default to the Champion of the other gender who does so qualify.  The award will go to the second or third placements in that event should neither Champion qualify.  The rotation of male to female recipients from year to year will remain constant, even if there is a default to the other gender from the previous year.

Scholarship funds will be payable directly to the skater's educational institution to cover tuition fees or other associated educational expenses.  Those who knew Wayne Wojnarowsky feel a scholarship is a fitting tribute to the man who believed education is first priority for a brighter future

Wojnarowsky Award Winners - $1000
Rotating basis between male and female Junior World Class Figure Skating Champion (if unable to document GPA, award is given to champion of alternate gender.  Female athletes always receive awards on all even years and male athletes on all odd years - if they can meet the criteria)

2014 - Kayla Rodriguez (female)
2013 – Colin Moore (male)
2012 – Kayla Rodriguez (female)
2011  - Collin Moore (male)
2010 – Jessica Feuerstein (female)
2009 – John Burchfield (male)
2008 – Jessica Feuerstein (female)
2007 – Charles Manchee (male)
2006 - Brittany Adams (female)
2005 - Grant Schnell (male)
2004 - Ashley Hinton (female)
2003 - Sarah Baldwin 
2002 - Sarah Baldwin (female)
2001 - Sarah Baldwin 
2000 – Brenda Butera (female)