USA Roller Sports

On April 13, 2019 in an effort to streamline membership fees, the USA Roller Sports Board of Directors elected to implement the following changes for the 2019/2020 season.

The fees will reflect a slight increase in the majority of the membership areas, with some areas seeing more than a slight increase.   Other areas maintain their current fee structure, and one card actually lowers in cost.  

The most significant changes come in 2 areas; The creation of a non-competitive  Alumni Card, which sits under our Officials section.  Though you do not need to be a former Official, you simply need only be a past member of USA Roller Sports in any capacity.   The second significant change is with the full competition card which will require members to declare a primary sport, but allows you to compete across all disciplines with the same card.

One final note is that the fitness card, carries no USA Roller Sports Insurance with it.   The card is designed for the member that simply wants an athlete card and who still actively skates, but not in competition.

Please click here for the updated Membership Fee Schedule.