USA Roller Sports

Competitive Skating Memberships


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FULL COMPETITIVE MEMBERSHIP:(Allowed to compete in ANY USA Roller Sports events*)


* Athletes must primarily register in a specific discipline. However, as an added membership benefit, athletes who carry a full competition card will now be allowed to compete across all disciplines competitively with a single full competition athlete card.

** "Other" Category represents sports such as slalom, scooters and street luge, with membership less than 5 total members nationwide where full membership is needed to be created for sports in order to assist individuals that compete at World Roller Games, a responsibility tasked to USA Roller Sports through World Skate.


LIMITED COMPETITIVE MEMBERSHIP:(Allowed to compete in any USA Roller Sports events excluding qualifying events such as Regionals and Nationals)


*Members will need to upgrade to a full membership if they enter and compete in any qualifying events.


SINGLE EVENT MEMBERSHIP:(Expires 5 days from the date of purchase)


Single Event Membership for Figure Skating and Speed Skating is available for a fee of $25.  This membership will be upgradable, if members wish to upgrade to a limited or full membership.