USA Roller Sports

Attention Figure Coaches:

Please see the information below from World Skate Artistic Technical Committee Chair Nicola Genchi. To be considered for this opportunity, applicants must submit resume, including qualifications requested in the letter, NO LATER THAN Wednesday October 31st. Submissions shall be made to both USARS. Candidates MUST submit on time to be considered.

Dear Members,

I am pleased to announce that World Skate is forming the new World Skate International Artistic Coaching School  (IACS), which will be run by the Artistic  Technical Commission and a Coaching Commission composed by highly regarded coaches from different countries.

We have been working very hard for the success of this new project for the past year, especially since the Seminar in Rome, when we looked at all the feedback from coaches all over the world and International Federations into consideration. Thank you all for your support. 

Undoubtedly, each country will benefit immensely from IACS and World Skate will be able to endorse coaches approved by the IACS program. The ultimate objective is to standardize technique around the world, which will establish a significant increase in general skating skills globally and therefore, consistency in performance across all disciplines especially in this period of huge changes in our sport.

The training will be run next January at the same time as the Seminar in Orlando, where judges, skaters, and additional coaches will be gathered for the latest update about Artistic Skating.

To create the first phase of the World Skate International Artistic Coaching School (IACS) program, we would like to ask each Federation to nominate 1 or 2 coaches fluent in English for the following disciplines:
- Freeskating
- Pairs 
- Dance
- Precision

Each National Federation is requested to send  the following information to the email no later than 30/11/2018:

- Discipline to apply
- Curriculum vitae (CV)
- The number of years representing his/her National Federation at International events as coach and skater.
- International titles won as coach.
- International titles won as skater - if applicable.
- Role in his/her own National Federation.
- Studies applicable to the sport - please attach evidence ( degree / diploma / certificate )
- Other languages spoken.
- Involvement in International Seminars / Camps - where and when - if applicable.

Please note that it will be up to World Skate, the decision to confirm a nominated coach to participate at the IACS program, which will be held at the next International Seminar in Orlando in January 2019. 

The coaches selected will take part in the first IACS training program, which will integrate knowledge in different areas of each discipline. The eligible candidates must complete all training prepared by World Skate and will be assessed (tested) accordingly to the criteria World Skate has been preparing. Once the candidate has successfully completed the program and was found competent, he/she will be recognized as World Skate Coach and will have the responsibility to present courses at National level, in their own country, with material provided by World Skate.
Additional information about the IACS program will be published in the bulletins regarding the International Artistic Skating Seminar.

Thank you,

Nicola Genchi
Chairman Artistic Skating Technical Commission