USA Roller Sports

We're looking for a new Sport Advisor position, that is exclusive to Artistic Figure Skating! Information on the position and how to apply is below! It's a great opportunity and chance to be involved with the sport on the national level.


Position Title: Sport Advisor (Figure Skating)

Location: Remotely

Type: Advisor/Consulting

Date Posted: December 17, 2018

Position Expires: When Filled

Compensation Range: $1,200/Month stipend


Benefits Offered: Only travel reimbursement for approved USARS related programs. Other benefits, such as healthcare/Retirement, are only provided to full time employees of USA Roller Sports.


Reports to: The Board of Directors and the Sport Committee via the President of USA Roller Sports

The Sport Advisor (Figure Skating) position is designed to be a very knowledgeable person in the Sport indicated in the title with several years of experience as a coach, athlete, official, etc. The person reports directly to the Board of Directors and the Sport Committee through the President. Although specific duties will be assigned through the President, this position will be expected to have direct communication with the Sport Committee, the office staff, the Executive Director, and the President. As a paid consulting position they will be required to provide guidance and information about policy and procedures to the sports committee by providing research and institutional knowledge in the policies, both within the USARS organization and external organizations such as the USOC. Work with the Figure and Speed Coordinator to resolve questions and disseminate sports specific information to the membership. Manage who the best decision maker is based on the question or solicit advice as needed from the correct group.


Responsibilities include:

• Be the permanent (non-voting) member of the sport committee and provide continuity as the members of the sports committee changes.

• Be knowledgeable with the Bylaws, General Rules and Sports rules, and work diligently to correct conflicts between rules when made aware. This may include recommending rule changes and or updates for clarity.

• Provide and establish training curriculum for webinars regarding:

o Coaches Development

o Club Development

o Member protection practices specific to our sport (youth protection and SafeSport related)

o 3-4 webinars a year specific to coaching/training techniques

o A minimum of 1(preferably 2) town hall sport committee led meetings for members to ask questions


• Provide an annual calendar and information to the sport committee about upcoming deadlines and issues needing decisions

• Ensure the sports coordinator has the tools and information to provide membership support in the office such as providing updates as to rule changes and program additions

• Review and update existing materials to streamline today's logo and message, which can then be uploaded and redistributed for our members benefit.

• Co-Ordinate educational opportunities for coaches and officials, and review and revise current coaches and officials exams

Qualifications, Experience & Desired Skills

• Experience with the sport of Figure Skating as a coach, athlete, official or other related area.

• Experience with other USA Roller Sports disciplines a plus.

• Previous non-profit experience desired.

• Self motivated.

• The ability to multi-task.

• Critical thinking skills.

• Proficient in Microsoft Office applications and specifically Excel.

• Committed to personal and professional productivity when delivering on the expectations of the position.

• Organized and detail oriented.

• Must complete or be currently trained in Safe Sport

• Applicant must possess a passion for providing high quality service to customers and members.

• Successful “Green Light” approval of a personal criminal background check and a credit history check.


Compensation & How to Apply:

The position will be paid a monthly stipend of $1,200 as a consultant. This is intended to be approximately 12 hours per week as a guideline only. There may be times where the work will be more or less than that amount which is why a monthly stipend is being paid rather than hourly. This position will be done 100% remotely unless there is a specific event or meeting that is required for this position. Travel to and from those events will be covered by USARS and must be preapproved and follow USARS travel guidelines. Successful candidate will be provided with a USARS email address if they would like.


Resumes can be sent to by Monday January 7, 2019.