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A Note From The USARS President

Aug. 28, 2020, 4 p.m. (ET)

August 28, 2020


A Note from Your President


Hello Everyone,

We at USA Roller Sports are reaching out to all of our past, present, and future roller skating members.       

First of all, we hope that all of our skating family are safe and well during this tumultuous year. Even though a lot of rinks are still not open yet, we hope that many of you are skating outside or virtually.  And hopefully all of you are excited about our upcoming new year, starting now.     

USA Roller Sports needs your help and support now more than ever, so I’m personally requesting that you please go to our website and our new Sport:80 registration system to renew your membership as soon as possible and donate if you can.  Your board, staff and all committees are working very hard to help all of our members have a great year with some events coming very soon.  It takes families to build a neighborhood, so with everyone helping we feel our skating community will grow as a result of your commitment.         

In addition, for informational purposes I would like to inform everyone that Nationals is still on track for Cedar Rapids, Iowa in July 2021.  And for anyone that did not know, the facility was badly damaged in a severe storm a few weeks ago.  I have spoken to the personnel there several times and they have already taken the necessary steps to make sure it will be restored long before our arrival.

Also, our new floor that we purchased is safe and sound at the facility in Cedar Rapids where they are storing it for us free of charge.  I personally went to Cedar Rapids to unload the new floor and it is beautiful.  This floor will be used for Artistic practice, Rink Hockey, and Derby.       

I would like to thank all of our membership for their perseverance and love of our sports and I ask you to please join me in keeping our sports as grand as they can be.   We are a group of sports that are among the best in the world.  

You can help keep us strong by joining, talk to others about the joy of skating, volunteer, etc.  Only if we work together can we move forward into the future.     

I personally want to thank each and every one of you for belonging to USA Roller Sports and your commitment.  Together we can become even more viable and move forward to the future.

May everyone stay safe and healthy,

Your President John Fearnow
USA Roller Sports