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Congratulations - Junior Inline Speed Skaters Corie Stoddard & Sabien Tinson

July 06, 2018, 12:36 p.m. (ET)




USA Roller Sports (USARS) is extremely proud to announce two of our very own athletes are among the World's finest in Junior Inline speed skating. USARS athletes Corie Stoddard and Sabien Tinson were among the top athletes named in the following press release from World Skate:


"Finally the 24 athletes that will compete at the Olympics for the very first time ever have been announced. After the lap sprint semifinals, they have been presented to the audience crowding the road circuit and live on World Skate TV. Next October these fabulous 24 athletes will compete in the 2018 Buenos Aires YOG for the Olympic Gold Medal in the Combined: 500m+D sprint, 1.000m sprint and 5.000m Elimination."


Unfortunately, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has allocated a pre-determined number of athlete spots for each National Olympic Committee to designate as they see fit. The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) has made the determination to use their allocated athlete spots for Olympic only sports at this time.  


Sadly, as much as USA Roller Sports wishes to send these athletes, we have been informed by the USOC that no spots will be used for our sport. USARS has also attempted to see if we could send them at our expense, but the issue is not cost, but instead the number of athletes able to attend per the agreement with the IOC and the organizing committee of the Youth Olympic Games. As a result, USARS, disagrees with this decision fully as we believe these athletes deserve the chance to compete on the stage that they earned the right to compete on, but while in disagreement, USARS is also understanding and respectful of the decision made by the USOC.   


Although doubtful a change will occur, USARS is hopeful that spots will come available for these two exceptional, young athletes, and we will continue to monitor the situation, while giving advisement and support to both athletes.  


Recent history has proven, with the successful transition of our athletes from inline to the Olympic team Ice Speed Skating teams, that our athletes can compete on the world stage when given the opportunity and we are hopeful that this, will provide  a "leg up" on the competition for any open spots that may come available moving forward.


Again, a huge congratulations on your amazing accomplishment Corie and Sabien, as well as to your coaches, families and all of your support team! You have made USA Roller Sports beyond proud.