Sept. 22, 2017, 8:54 p.m. (ET)

We are happy to announce that our new online membership registration has gone live and is now available for members to register athletes and coaches!  Please be aware that with this being a new system, you will need to register as a new member which also means that you will need to set up a new login and password.  Parents: if you are registering more than one child and you will be using the same email address for all of them, you will need to register yourself first, then add your children.


Be aware that your membership numbers will change with this new system.  At this time this will not link to the members list that you have used in the past to look up members of your clubs.  We ask for your patience in working with this new system, as we are all still learning all that this system has to offer.  Should you have any questions regarding the registration process please contact the following individuals:


For Derby, Rink Hockey, and Inline Hockey

Brent Benson   402-483-7551 x 13


For Speed and Figure

Kevin Kmetz     402-483-7551 x 20