May 11, 2017, 11:02 a.m. (ET)


There have been some comments made on social media in regards to USARS not helping out a member in regards to credentials. The organization would like to remind our members of the policy in place set forth by the Board of Directors in an effort to protect all members, especially our youth.


In conjunction with the Safe Sport initiative implemented by the US Olympic Committee, USA Roller Sports began doing background checks on all coaches, officials and USARS team staff. The primary focus of the checks is to look for a history of physical or sexual misconduct towards minors or adults, violent offenses, drug offenses, and multiple misdemeanor drug and alcohol offenses. If an applicant is given a red-light, the applicant may be reviewed for possible restrictions. An example of someone having restrictions would be someone with multiple driving related offenses being allowed to be a member, but not being able to drive a USARS owned or rented vehicle, or drive a USARS team.


If an applicant is denied due to a red-light from a previous conviction for an offense listed above, due to the primary goal of the Safe Sport Initiative, they will not be accepted as a coach or official. The applicant will have the opportunity to become an official or registered coach if they choose to pursue the legal option of having their record expunged.


As an organization, we regret that we may have lost, or lose in the future, a few members who have volunteered and served the organization in the past. However, in this day and age of instant posting of videos, etc., and the fact that we have a large membership of minors, we feel it is imperative that we as an organization protect our membership the best we can. We again welcome any of those members who have been red-lighted the opportunity to seek your legal right to have your record expunged so you may continue to be a part of the sport you love and enjoy.

USARS Safe Sport Initiative