Figure Sport Committee Ruling Eligibility regarding athletes over the age of 65

June 06, 2017, 8:21 p.m. (ET)


RULING: Any athlete over the age of 65 may skate Golden Figures, Golden Solo, Veteran Team, and Premier Gold or Premier Silver regardless of placement in prior years.  Once a skater reaches the age of 65 the Premier move-up and move-down rules no longer apply. 


“Considering a decision by the Executive Committee in May 2015 and the acknowledgement that when rules contradict themselves ruling should favor the skaters, the FSC has agreed by a vote of 7 agreed and 2 not responding, that in the best interest of the sport any benefit of rule contradiction should favor the skater.” 


Although the registration deadlines may have passed for regional entries, the FSC asks that you consider any similarly situated athlete in the same class, and allow them to participate in either or both said events at upcoming regional championships.


John Cawly

Chairman, Figure Sport Committee