For Skaters Who Have Qualified For The 2017 World Championships

July 10, 2017, 3:01 p.m. (ET)

For Skaters who have qualified for the world championships

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We have an additional challenge imposed by the Chinese Government for those competing at the World Championships in Nanjing.  They require that the federation, USARS, complete an electronic data base for every athlete by Friday the 15th that includes their identifying information, their passport photo, a picture of their passport, their passport number.  Photos must be in jpg format. 


The government is using this to extend the invitation required for obtaining visa and as you know visa is required to enter China.  The visa process is slow and this is a government requirement not skating.  So even if you qualify to skate, if the country is not allowing you to enter the country, it is not something we can argue or negotiate.


We appreciate that this is an inconvenience and challenge but we have no choices in this process. 


Please e mail your info completed form and the jpg’s to or


If you need to speak with someone that would be me, Bill Spooner at 360 903 0090.


Thank you again for your cooperation and I apologize for the urgency and inconvenience


Bill Spooner