2018 Speed World Championships and 2018 Outdoor Nationals Information

Dec. 06, 2017, 6:12 p.m. (ET)
This year it has been an unbelievable challenge for the race promoters to compress the season, as the World Championships has been moved all the way up to July 1st.  This means that our Team USA will most likely travel to the Holland as early as June 20th.  We as the USARS Speed Committee have spent the last several months working all of the moving parts of our Team USA selection and the 2018 Banked Track and Road National Championships into the best possible timeframe!  First, moving the championships will prove to have some positive and negative implications to all of us on the committee, each coach, each athlete, each official and every other person involved in the event!  We have had to accept the fact that there is no perfect time to hold the championships, and we have selected the time that will have the least amount of negative impact on the membership.  In addition, we have used suggestions from the field and the officials to shorten the amount of days needed to participate in the championships, and arrange for the non qualifying categories to compete over the weekend just as they would at any other invitational.
We have applied for the dates of May 15th through May 22nd.  After the dates are approved we will publish the actual dates and schedule!  DO NOT PURCHASE any travel plans that cannot be changed (flight, lodging or auto)!  As soon as the dates are finalized then we will notify you all that they are official and will not be changed!  Again, this is a courtesy announcement of the tentative dates that have been applied for; DO NOT make permanent plans until the USOC has approved these dates!
We will continue to work to speed up the processes of final approval, securing the road location and all the other items needed to run the championships.
Thank you all for being the best part of Speed Skating!
USARS Speed Committee