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Call For Nominations USARS Sport Committee Membership And Standing Committees

Sept. 21, 2016, 2:34 p.m. (ET)

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and Standing Committees

Deadline: October 20, 2016

SPORT COMMITTEES:  The USARS Board of Directors shall appoint the members of all Sport Committees and will determine the quantity of Sport Committee members to serve.  The Chairperson designation will be for a one-year term. In an effort to stabilize the intellectual knowledge of the Sport Committees, voting members shall serve four-year staggered terms, and those who are without a vote have one-year terms.  

USARS Sport Committee Openings (Speed, Figure, Rink Hockey, Inline Hockey) - Board consideration is given to provide representation of athletes, officials and coaches on each sport committee.  Following the close of the 2016 Fall (October) Board of Directors Meeting, on a rotating basis, positions on the USARS Sport Committees will expire, as noted below in red type for 2016.  The Board will fill the openings subject to receipt of resumes from current members of the following membership classes.  All classes will be represented by one or more committee members. 

Athletes - Speed, Artistic, Hockey Athletes for each discipline within USARS.  Only members who have attained 18 years of age or older and who meet the USOC definition of an active athlete (meaning they must have competed in roller skating in the Olympics, Pan American Games, Senior World Championships or other Senior International Elite Level Competitions within the immediately preceding ten years) may apply to and qualify for nomination for a Sport Committee.

Officials - Speed, Artistic and Hockey Officials who are commissioned national championships officials and who have served in such a capacity for at least the immediately preceding two (2) years.

Coach - Speed, Artistic and Hockey Coaches who are USARS Advanced or Elite Coaches.

For 2016 Sport Committee openings, the deadline for receipt of resumes shall be October 20, 2016.


2015-16 USARS Sport Committees 

Members with a vote shall have four-year terms

Members without a vote shall have one-year terms

Committees will elect their own Chairpersons

2015-16 Roller Figure Committee

John Cawly - Chairperson (term expires 2018) - voting

Jim Pollard - non-voting Senior Advisory

Bill Spooner - Chairman (term expires 2016)  

David Adamy (term expires 2016) - voting

Ed Harney (term expires 2016) - voting

Tony Berger (term expires 2017) - voting

Kayla Rodriguez - Athlete (term expires 2017) - voting

Scott Clifford (term expires 2017) - voting

John Cawly (term expires 2018) - voting

Jane Wojnarowsky (term expires 2018) 

 Jessica Gaudy - Athlete (term expires 2019) - voting

2015-16 Roller Speed Commmittee

Buggy Allmond - Chairperson (term expires 2016) - voting

Ricci Porter - Staff Director (& Athlete Representative term ending 2018) - voting

Chris Payne (term expires 2016) - voting

Sara Sayasane Hebbrecht (term expire 2016) - voting

Joe Hanna (term expires 2017) - voting - resume submitted

Harry Stuart (term ending 2018) - non-voting

Laura Gustafson Sweers (term ending 2019) - non-voting 

Shaun Pattison (term expires 2019) - voting

2015-16 Rink Hockey Committee

Tom Hughes - Chairperson (term expires 2018) - voting

Brent Benson - Staff Director - voting

Jim Jost (term expires 2016) - voting

Brian Moyer - Athlete Representative (term expiring 2016) voting

Shane Enlow - Athlete Representative (term ending 2017)

Pat Ferguson (term expire 2019) - voting

Don Allen (term expires 2019) - voting

2015-16 Inline Hockey Committee

Mark Vittese - Chairperson (term expires 2017) - voting

Brent Benson - Staff Director - voting

Keith Noll - Senior Advisor - non-voting

Jetta Rackleff - Athlete (term expires 2016) - voting

Jeff Prime (term expires 2017) - voting

Jon Roux (term expires 2018) - voting

Chalie Sgrillo (term expires 2018) - voting

Dustin Roux - Athlete (term expires 2018) - voting

 Arlene Lehman (term expires 2019) - voting

2015-16 Derby Committee:

Eric Hill -Chaiperson (term ending 2019) - voting

Christina Gerrish - Vice Chairperson (term expires 2016) - voting

Victoria Urban (term expires 2016) - voting

Fernando Regueiro - (term expires 2017) - voting

Cheryl Cryer (term ending 2018) - voting

Carrie Craft (term to be determined) 

Carissa Haney (term to be determined)

Angella Hammel-Link (term to be determined)

2015-16 Slalom Committee (staggered terms not yet assigned)

Naomi Grigg - Acting Chairperson   

Brent Benson - Staff Director

Mason Sherry

Dennis Palmer

Francis Parchaso

John Fearnow-rink operator representative

MARKETING COMMITTEE (with Communications Sub-Committee)

Jackson, Roberta

Porter, Ricci

Regueiro, Fernando

Stieb, Michael

Permatteo, Heidi

RESUMES FOR ANY OF THE ABOVE POSITIONS CAN BE SUBMITTED TO – Peggy Young, USA Roller Sports, 4730 South Street, Lincoln, NE  68507 by mail, or to by e-mail.

STANDING COMMITTEES:  Individuals can also submit their name and resume for inclusion on a Standing Committee, subject to review by the Committee on Committees and final confirmation by the Board of Directors at the Fall Annual Meeting

2014-15 USARS STANDING COMMITTEES - Following close of 2014 Fall Annual Board Meeting


EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:  Danny Brown-Chairman, Bill Spooner (without vote), Annelle Anderson, Keith Noll and Sara Sayasane Hebbrecht and Trace Hansen-Athlete Representatives


FINANCE COMMITTEE:  Bill Spooner-Chairman, Dave Morrell, Annelle Anderson, Scott Clifford, Trace Hansen-Athlete Representative  

INSURANCE AND RISK MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE:  Keith Noll-Chairman, Jim Foy, Bill Spooner and Chris Hunter


MEMBERSHIP ELIGIBILITY COMMITTEE:  Ken Shelton-Chairman, Gloria Manning, David Adamy and Sara Sayasane Hebbrecht (speed), Jessica Gaudy (figure) and Joy Garvey (hockey) – Athlete Representatives


ATHLETE PERFORMANCE COMMITTEE (SPORTS MEDICINE): Dr. Scott Kleiman-Chairman, Lori Brandon, David Pitman, Brian Richardson, Kylee Berger-Athlete


HALL OF FAME AND HONORS COMMITTEE (meets in Spring):  Bill Spooner-non-voting Chairman, Jim Pollard, Tom Hughes, Annelle Anderson, John Gustafson


COMMITTEE ON COMMITTEES – To be elected at 2016 Spring Semiannual Board Meeting – Currently includes Danny Brown-Chairman, Annelle Anderson, John Gustafson, Renee Hildebrand and Trace Hansen-Athlete Representative. 

Note:  The Committee on Committees must include the USARS President/USARS Chairman, in addition to four current Board Members who are elected to the Committee on Committee at the Spring Semiannual Board of Directors Meeting. The Committee on Committees shall prepare committee membership recommendations and submit them to the Board at least 30 days prior to the Fall Annual Board Meeting, where the Board will discuss and vote on these recommendations.  The Committee on Committees will serve through the end of the Spring Semiannual Board Meeting.


NOMINATING COMMITTEE: George Kolibaba-Chairman, AAC Member-To Be Elected and three Regional Representatives to be determined annually, rotating between Regional officers: 


ROLLER SKATING ATHLETES ADVISORY COMMITTEE (RS-AAC): Annette Stapleton – Chairman, (USOC-AAC Rep), Dustin Roux (Alt-USOC-AAC Rep), Trace Hansen (artistic), Kylie Hughes (hockey), Sara Sayasane Hebbrecht (speed)


ATHLETE NOMINATING COMMITTEE FOR USARS BOARD OF DIRECTORS and USOC ROLLER SPORTS AAC ATHLETES:  TBD- Chairman (USOC Representative for Roller Sports); Annette Stapleton – AAC, Dustin Roux (not eligible)-AAC Alternate, Trace Hansen, Sara Sayasane Hebbrecht, Kylie Hughes (not eligible).  The Athlete Nominating Committee shall consist of members of the USARS Athlete Advisory Committee, exclusive of any member who may be running for current election to a Board seat.  Substitute members from the appropriate discipline will be appointed, should a current member be thus disqualified.


ELITE COACHES SELECTION COMMITTEE (meets in spring):  TBD-non-voting

Chairman, Bob Labriola, Tom Hughes, Ken Shelton, Gloria Manning, Mark Vittese