By Peggy Young | Oct. 12, 2016, 2:11 p.m. (ET)

USA Roller Sports

In September, mail ballots were sent to the eligible electors of the USARS Coach Representative, the Hockey Athlete Representative and the USOC Athlete Advisory Council for Roller Sports. 

  • Any eligible voter who has not yet received a ballot should send an email immediately to Peggy Young at by no later than October 18.
  • The email must include the event(s) listed that entitles them to vote (see below).
  • A ballot will be emailed to you immediately upon certification of eligibility.
  • The return ballot must be signed, scanned and returned via email by no later than October 20.

Election criteria, according to the current USARS Rules, follows:

Eligible Electors for the Hockey Athlete Board Position:  Only those athletes, who are:  (1) Current USARS registered members as rink hockey athletes and (2) who are competing or have competed within the immediately preceding ten years in the following:  Women's Division of the National Rink Championships, or the National Men's Gold and Silver Divisions and the elite rink hockey camps, and the Men’s Gold and Silver Divisions and the Women’s Division of the National Roller Inline (Puck) Championships.  The ten year qualification period for voting must be met by the athlete as of the date of the annual meeting (October 28) at the close of which the director to be elected will take office.

Eligible Electors for the Coach Board Position:  Current USARS Certified Coach members shall be entitled to elect one (1) director. Each coach elector will be entitled to one vote per person, regardless of the number of sports in which a certified coach may be registered.  Eligibility of electorship shall be determined by a member’s status at the beginning of the month preceding the deadline for distribution of ballots for those positions selected by election (in 2016 this would have been the month of August).

USOC Athlete Advisory Council:  Qualified electors are those athletes who are currently registered as USARS members and who have represented roller sports in the Pan American Games, World Championships or other major FIRS international competitions.  Such competitive participation must have occurred during the preceding ten years as measured from January 1, 2016.