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Asiago/Roana 2016: Czech Rep - France and Italy - USA will face in the semifinals

June 24, 2016, 2:09 p.m. (ET)

Today the Hodegart Arena hosted maybe some of the most thrilling matches of the last years: without any doubt, the technical skills, the puck passages, the fast skating really amazed all the people in the crowded venue.


In the morning the matches have been dedicated to the quarters for the 9th-16th position in the ranking. The first match, between Spain and Sweden, was quite balanced and have been won by the Scandinavians at the overtime 5-4. Easily victory against Mexico for Chinese Taipei, that really improved its tactics in this Championship (7-3). In the third match, Iran gave up the ghost to Poland who passed at the semifinals for the 9th-16th rank. The last quarter of the morning was between Great Britain and Netherlands: clear supremacy for the English team, who won 7-0.

The doubles of Keating and Baldwin let USA win over Latvia (7-2) and keep on its run towards the Senior Men semifinals. Clear victory also for Czech Republic against Argentina (7-2). The next match was between France and Switzerland, also valid for the semifinals: the Swiss team took the lead thanks to the goal of Maier at 6.55, but "le Bleu" scored 5 goals in a row and tomorrow will meet Czech Republic in the first semifinal.
The most awaited match was between the Host team and the Canadians: at the end of the first time, Italy was leading 3-0 but Canada, back from the locker rooms, quickly caught up and it was overtime. No sudden death meant penalties: Ferrari scored the only penalty that brought Italy to the semifinals against Usa.


First match of the day at PalaRobaan in Roana. Germany has been defeated by Colombia with the final score of 3-2, after a battled match.
Colombian team has led the whole match recovering the initial German vantage (3-1 at the end of the first half). Germany found the 3-2 goal at 37'48" but final assault shattered against the Colombian goalie Corredor.
Large victory for Spain against Canada in the Junior Women tournament (7-2 the final result). Spanish team took the lead of the game since the first minutes with a burning start, scoring three goals in few minutes (3-1 the result at 8’58”). No surprises in the second periods: Canadians attempts are too inaccurate and Spanish team resolved the match with further five goals.
Italy and Chinese Taipei drawed 1-1 the last female match of the morning in Roana. Match scorers have been Rocella (12'28") for Italy and Hsin Ni Pan (16'57") for Chinese Taipei.
In the second period the balance didn't change anymore, despite of two big chances for the Italian girls. Great match for the Italian goalie Eugenia Pompanin.
In the following Senior Men match, China won over Macau 3-6. It was then the turn of the Junior Ladies Mexico - Finland (0-4) and Great Britain - Canada (1-2).

USA - ITALY @20.30

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PICS CREDITS Eddy Wegrzyn, Roberta Strazzabosco, Marco Guariglia

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