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Asiago/Roana 2016: a glimpse of quarters

June 21, 2016, 6:58 p.m. (ET)


In the morning, three Senior Men matches have been played at the Hodegart Arena and just one of the Junior Women tournament.
In the first male match, clear victory for Latvia: 10-5 on Mexico. The Latvians have gone ahead immediately and then they run the game without any problems, although the the five conceded goals could be a problem if they will arrive in the same position of Italy in the Pool A.

Victory without difficulty for Poland over Australia with a 9-0 score that leaves no room for comments: Too wide the gap between the two teams technical levels.

The following game between France and Spain was totally compelling: The Iberians defended themselves in an orderly way in front of a France that looked better on the floor. Spain was the first to take the lead thanks to the goal scored by Galen at 16,47 but, before the break, Vitou tied in powerplay and Duclos scored the leading goal for France. In the second half, France pushed over and over again but was not able to score anymore: only close to the final whistle, Lapresa scored the 3-1 at empty net.

In the Junior Women Spain conquered such a beautiful victory against Finland, 4-1. The Spanish were already 4-1 ahead in the first half and kept the result in the second half, showing a greater playability and getting a deserved victory.

The only Junior Women match played in the afternoon in the Hodegart Arena was between the Home team "Azzurrine" against the Canadians: Italy took the lead with 3 goals scored by Cipriano, Pol and Rocella but the North American girls did not give up and Power and Hardy caught up, flooring the Italian goalie Pompanin. The match finished 4-3, thanks to the goals of Ercolani - ITA - and Power - CAN: for the first time in inline hockey history, an Italian Women team defeated Canada.

In the following match, the Canadians Senior Men took the lead over Sweden with 3 goals: a thrilling match, with the North Europeans attempts to come back thanks to Jensen and Hellstrom. The Canadians did not let down their guard and closed the match with a final 5-2 score.

Extremely balanced the match between USA and Argentina: Petito scored for USA and De Giacomi for Argentina. Two more goals followed, one for each team, but at the end the Americans took the lead thanks to Cafferty and Mazzie and won 4-2.
The most awaited daily match was between Czech Republic and Italy for the Pool A in the Senior Men tournament. At the end of the first time, Czech Republic was leading over the "Azzurri" for 2-1, but back from the locker rooms, the Home team captained by Luca "Tapioca" Rigoni showed great character and won the match 4-3.


The first match in the PalaRoboaan was between the Junior Women of Great Britain and Mexico. The British team won the game with the final score of 4-2. Mexico quickly took the lead but Great Britain caught up the game some seconds before the whistle of the end of the first period: back from the locker rooms, Great Britain scored the winning goals with Taylor (2) and Thomas.

It was then the turn of the Senior Men, with the match between Macau and Iran. The game finished with the Iranian victory (8-0 the final result): Iran virtually
closed the match at the end of the first half, scoring six goals. Macau's reaction did not come and Iran obtained an easy victory.

Against Chinese Taipei, Switzerland played a great match and Benjamin Neukom scored four goals. In the second half,  Chinese Taipei tried to react, but it wass too late: the last score was Switzerland 10 - Chinese Taipe 2.

The afternoon in the PalaRoboaan started with 2 matches in the Senior Men category. In the first tough match, Colombia squared off Germany and prevailed 5-4 conquering the provisional first place in the pool D: the head to head match against Canada, to be played tomorrow, will define the final rank.

The match India - Netherlands was easily won by the "Orange" (10-1) that tomorrow will play against, Iran, the real surprise of this World Championship.

In the last daily match, for the Junior Women category, Chinese Taipei chased all the game long, being to tie only at the end: two possible outsiders for the semifinals.

Great Britain won 1-0 for Venezuela forfait.

PICS CREDITS Eddy Wegrzyn, Roberta Strazzabosco, Marco Guariglia

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