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Asiago/Roana 2016 Junior Men: Only Europeans on the way to the Gold

June 16, 2016, 11:15 p.m. (ET)

In this fourth day of the Junior Men and Senior Women Worlds, the quarter finals took place in the Hodegart Arena in Asiago, whilst the teams that failed the round robin played in Roana. 
The Senior Female match between Sweden and Iran opened the day: as in previous games Iran shows to be consistent in their game and well prepared, but in the end the Swedish overcome 3-1.

Then exciting Women’s quarterfinals follow each other: France beats quite surprisingly a tough and combative Spain determined to go to the semi-finals. Last year Spain won the bronze medal against Finland. The match is animated, but correct, the French girls go ahead rapidly and double the score with captain Jupillat. In the second half, Spain shortens and tries to tie but the French barricade does not break down, so after 23’ the result does not change and the Iberian are rewarded with the semi-finals. Final score 2-1.

In the next game the USA faces Namibia: the two teams offer an unexpected spectacle. Namibia matches up the US for all the first period that ends 4-2 with three assists of Dobberstein. In the second period, however, the American girls emerge from the torpor and become powerful soldiers besieged the Namibian defense. The plays reward them and in less than ten minutes they score four fundamental goals. At the final whistle, they get the ticket to the semifinals with a 6-4 result.

The first junior men's match of the day could be summed up with a simple "wow". It would be difficult to describe in words the game played by the Royal Spanish team of Captain Tomas to those who have not experienced it: the Iberians start immediately with determination and an incredible speed, overcoming the much more experienced team Canada. They know that they are playing the game of their lives and that it will take effort and forces above average to make it to the semifinals. So the Spanish get the lead quickly and just to be sure, they score over 3 times in 20 minutes, leaving no reply to the North Americans. The only Canadian goal is not enough; Spain gets the fifth goal in empty net. Final result: 5-1.

Another junior men match concludes the morning: Czech Republic vs USA. The Champions of the last edition have no difficulty in “breaking” the Americans, they can boast a 5-0 result after only 23 minutes. America’s response is not enough, and so the Czech Republic get even closer to the final games.

The afternoon game give even more spectacle - if possible - than those of the morning quarterfinals at the Hodegart rink of Asiago for the 2016 World Cup in both categories. The afternoon was divided into a first half dedicated to women followed by the last two Junior Men matches.

Finland challenges the Czech Republic and for three quarters of the match manages to block the Czech army keeping the score on their side, 2-1. The Czech girls, however, have a title to defend and so, by the law of large numbers and considering the "bombing" which they put the goalie Mari Koivisto through - 39 total shots-, they managed to overturn the result and close 3-2.

Italy for its part tries to make the bang against Canada going ahead 1-0 in the first quarter of an hour, but then has to deal with more determination and strength of the Canadian Dave Hammond putting scored five goals in two tranches from 2:03 goal a few minutes away from each other in the first and second half.
Ended the female part of the afternoon, it is the turn of the men's junior to determine the games tomorrow. Switzerland despite the 18-minute penalty points do not make much effort to subdue the beating Sweden 6-2 with goals from Jean Mueller and Kuettel Joel.

Only one qualified to the semifinals was then missing: Italy or France, it had to be decided in the last game of the day. Both teams show a great competitive spirit, it is a rollercoaster of emotions for both the Azzurrini and for Les Bleus. After a great comeback from 2-0 to 2-2 in the regular time of the game, it is finally Thomas Berthod’s power play “sudden death” goal that declares the Italians as winners.

Day 5th Schedule

Semifinals Senior Women
17.30 Canada-France
20.30 USA-Czech Republic
Senior Women (5°-8° placement)
13.00 Namibia-Finlandia
14.30 Italy-Spain
Semifinals Junior Men
16.00 Italy-Spain
19.00 Czech Republic-Switzerland
Junior Men (5°-8° placement)
10.00 France-Canada
11.30 USA-Sweden

Senior Women (13°-16° placement)
8.30 Sweden- New Zealand
10.00 India-Latvia
Senior Women (9°-12° placement)
11.30 Switzerland - Great Britain
13.00 Australia-Chinese Taipei
Junior Men (13°-16° placement)
14.30 Namibia-Mexico
16.00 Great Britain-Latvia
Junior Men (9°-12° placement)
17.30 Slovenia-Germany
19.00 Colombia-Chinese Taipei
Junior men (17°-18° placement)
20.30 India-South Korea

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PICS CREDITS Eddy Wegrzyn, Roberta Strazzabosco, Marco Guariglia, Rita Foldi

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