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Asiago/Roana 2016 - 2nd day: "Big game, big hits"

June 14, 2016, 1:10 p.m. (ET)

The second day has just finished in the Asiago upland. Tomorrow the last games of each pool will determine the final rankings that will define the subsequent quarterfinals starting Wednesday.

The second day of the 2016 FIRS World Championships in Asiago begun with three Junior Male games: the first two matches between Spain and India and Switzerland vs Korea were easy one-sided matches for the European teams; the Spanish and Swiss left no right of reply to their opponents allowing themselves to set the games at their own pace. The games both ended with more than 20 goals each; Spain vs India 21-0, Switzerland vs Korea 24-0.

In the game that saw the current top two teams of Group B, Mexico and Sweden, face each other, despite the continued attack, for 27’ Scandinavians failed to pass the Mexican wall and the result got stuck on 0-0. The young Mexican goalie did a great job defending the net, but in the second half, the whole team started being a bit tired and that left the yellow-and-blue enough space to score 2 more goals. At the final whistle the scoreboard showed 3-0.

The last Junior Men's game of the morning was the highly expected match between Great Britain and the United States: the americans took the reins of the game right at the beginning going on a double advantage and then on to 4-1 with a goal scored in penalty killing. The British more than once responded with quick counterattacks and made a fantastic comeback to the final 5-4 in the last minutes showing an incredible tenacity.

The only Senior Women game of the morning was the match France vs Australia: the “Bleues” imposed their game at just 50 seconds from the beginning. Although Australia did not get intimidated and tried several times to respond to the attack, the Aussie failed to take advantage of the numerous power-play and were defeated 6-1.

The Senior Female matches of the afternoon in Asiago were full of goals although it became clear that there is still a technical and tactical gap between some teams. Moreover, in a quite unusual way, all four ended with a shout-out.

On one hand, the Czech Republic faced Chinese Taipei in which the Czech prevailed 6-0 with the hat-trick of Michaela Jankova; on the other, Canada easily defeated Sweden 8-0. Although both Taipei and Sweden have tried to contain the army they were meeting, at the end of the forty minutes they left the opponents with a blank score.

The only Junior Men match in program for the second half of the day at the Hodegart rink, between Slovenia and Colombia was a match of great intensity and well-balanced. The Slovenes got their first 2 points of the World Championships by winning 4-2. Since the first minute of the game both teams have put the fifth to try to win the two points up to grabs. The two teams showed a well-organized game but gave away, on both hands precious minutes of power play. Unlike the South Americans, the Slovenians were good at taking advantage twice, keeping the game in their hands even when the Colombians have removed the goalkeeper.

In closing of the day, Italy faced Latvia: the “Azzurre” concluded the first half time 7-0, so they had nothing to fear from Latvia which was clearly dominated and had to do without player Ievina, who got injured in a boarding. Just as the previous three Senior Women matches, this clearly one-way game confirms the Italian girls without any goal allowed. Final result: 12-0.

Three games for Women senior and two for junior men this morning in the Roana PalaRobaan.

In the women tournament, clear victory for Finland and Namibia, respectively 17-0 vs Iran and 13-1 vs India. The two emerging nations demonstrated improvements but are still far from the technical level of other teams as Finland and Namibia. Scores were very distant.

Quite balanced the match between Switzerland and Taipei, with the Asian team for a long period in the game but blocked from the Swiss goalie, Friant, author of an excellent game.

In the Junior Men, Taipei exploited the more skating ability and the longer roster on Latvia: 5-1 the final of a balanced game for a lot of time. Something extra quality for Canada over Namibia: the African governed the strength of the North Americans only in the first part of the first half: then the guys led by coach Hammond showed all their value and closed victorious 9-1.

Thrilling matches in the PalaRobaan afternoon. At 4.30 pm the French Junior Men team, supported by a frendly audience, easily won over Chinese Taipei with a 7-1
final score thanking to the Renou hat-trick. In the following match, the Great Britain women team had to surronder to Spain: a balanced game even though the 0-3 score.
It was then the turn of the "Match of the day", at least for the Italian spectators attending the game in the venue to support the Italian team that easily defeated Germany.
"Capitan Vendrame" leaded the "Azzurrini" to the victory, well supported by Lettera and Del Piccolo - double score for all the three players.

Maybe the most hard-fought match of the day was between the "BiG": Czech Republic and Canada. At the end of the first time, the reigning champion took the lead over Canada with a partial score 4-1.
Back from the locker rooms, too many strong face-off lead to a penalty for each team: Wright (Canada) e Gazda (Czech Republic). The final score was in favour of the Czech winning 5-2.

It was again the turn of the France Junior Men in another quite easy match against Latvia: 8-1

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