An amazing inline hockey afternoon in Asiago and Roana

June 13, 2016, 1 p.m. (ET)

Balanced matches and thrilling games: the audience attending this first day of Championships in the Hodegart Arena and in the PalaRobaan had the chance to  watch very high level players and great hockey.

In the afternoon, the Spanish ladies beated Namibia thanks to the doubles by Vanesa Abrisqueta Iturregui y Maria Ayala Fernandez: an easy match for Spain, who won 8-0.

The following match was likewise easy for the Host team, the "Italdonne" that, warmly supported by the audience in the Hodegart Arena, defeated 5-0 the Iranians at their International debut: they played a good match but maybe in a too defensive way in the first period.

The Swiss ladies have been overwhelmed by the Canadians that did not fail the expectations with a clear 8-0.

In the late evening, two thrilling matches for the supporters that came from all over the world: Junior Men French-Sweden (7 -2 ) and Senior Women France - USA (1-3).

The French guys, that in the last European Championships in Roana conquered a deserved Silver Medal, had to face an hardened Sweden but the final score confirmed the healthy condition of "le Bleu".

The ladies closed the day with an high level and fighted match. At the end of the first time the teams went to the locker rooms with a 1-1: the French team pushed a lot but the USA defense contained it wery well. At the beginning of the second time, USA took the advantage with a goal by Lindsay Fry. Whilst France continued to attack, USA seemed to close the defense and just wait for the right chance: at 39.27 Allison Era hit the goal that ensure the winning to the USA.


Afternoon dedicated to the Junior Men at PalaRobaan. Clear and overwhelming victories for the USA and Italy, winning respectively 25-0 and 21-0 against India and South Korea. Nothing to say about these games: too huge the gap between the two teams on the rink.

Balanced in the first half the game between Czech Republic and Namibia, with the Czechs who took a big lead only in the second half: The match will end 13-3 but the Africans have made life difficult as possible to the reigning world champions.

Very balanced matches between Mexico - Latvia and Canada - Slovenia. Mexico takes 2-0 lead, Latvia ties the game 2-2 but in the last minutes Mexico hit the important winning goal: 3-2 is the final score.

Really good game at the end of the evening: Slovenia has a long lead, ends the first half ahead 4-2, but then is forced to give up to 5-4 thanks to a comeback of Canada fielded in the second half. The North American increased from 2-4 to 4-4 with two quick goals (just in 16 seconds) in the opening of the second half and went ahead with only a minute left with a goal scored by Christiansen.

PICS CREDITS Eddy Wegrzyn, Roberta Strazzabosco, Marco Guariglia

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