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Oly Rollers - 2015 USARS Derby Team of the Year

July 18, 2016, 4:51 p.m. (ET)

2015 marked the fourth year that the Oly Rollers had emerged with the Gold Medal at USARS World Championships.

Oly Rollers, Olympia, Washington

Dani Lewis, Devon Tammacio, Tannah Elwess, Kaylee Jankowski, Tara Nelson, Jysela Pena, Kelsey Vander Kelen, Nicole Williams, Taylor Williams, Bryce Tammacio, Cecilia Hanley, Susan Pack, Lindsey Mueller, Alexia Wagor, Alyssa Pray, Lely Huynh, Selina Winner, Anice Bommerschien, Jessie Dunnam, Diane Story

The Oly Rollers have never lost a single USARS game and have won every single National Championship USA Roller Sports has organized. During the last Nationals in Pennsylvania, they continued building their dynastic legacy in the sport and, once again, pushed their level of play and their physical conditioning to even higher levels, in a feat that appeared impossible after their performance in previous years.