Feb. 12, 2016, 2:11 p.m. (ET)

USA Roller Sports


Nominees are solicited for the following USARS representatives:

USARS Hockey Athlete Director - Three Year Term of Office

USARS Certified Coach Director - Three Year Term of Office

USARS At-Large Director (1) - Three Year Term of Office

USARS At-Large Directors (2) – One Year Terms of Office – Derby and Rink Hockey

Roller Sports U.S. Olympic Committee Athlete Advisory Council Member & Alternate

Under the USARS By-Laws, the Board of Directors election procedures are established on staggered three-year terms, except as qualified through representation for roller sports with other organizations. The above seats on the USARS Board of Directors will be filled in 2016. Nominees for these positions will be reviewed by two nominating committees - a nominating committee for the Coach and At-Large Directors and an athlete nominating committee for the Hockey Athlete and Athlete Advisory Council positions.  Nominations for the Hockey Athlete and Certified Coach positions must be received by USARS by February 15.

Anyone is eligible to run for one of these positions on the USARS Board of Directors who meets the criteria listed below for each category of representative.  A person, if qualified, may nominate him/herself or another party – with the other party’s written consent by the above deadlines.  Nominees must be able to attend two meetings each year in order to serve as a Director on the Board.  The criteria for each position is as follows:

Hockey Athlete Board Seat
Any person who holds a current USARS member card, has reached 18 years of age or older, who meets the USOC definition of an active athlete and who has competed in hockey in the Pan American Games, Senior World Championships and other senior international elite level competitions (World Games) within the last ten years is eligible to run for a seat on the USARS Board of Directors.  The nominations must include a personal and skating history of the candidate, along with written agreement to run for the USARS Board of Directors seat.  Kylie Hughes is currently filling the balance of the Hockey Athlete Board Representative term that will expire at the close of the 2016 Fall Annual Board Meeting.

Certified Coach Board Seat
USARS Members who are USARS Certified Coaches shall be entitled to elect one Director.  Candidates may be nominated who meet the following requirements: (1) Be a USARS Advanced or Elite Coach for a minimum of five years; (2) Be actively engaged as a teaching coach; (3) Contribute significantly to the advancement of roller sports; (4) Agree in writing to abide by the USARS Code of Ethics; and (5) Submit a resume and application for Board seat.

At-Large Representatives
Three Directors shall be elected by the Board of Directors in 2016.  At-Large Director positions are open to business/professional persons or others with special talents to contribute to the USARS Board of Directors and who have an interest in competitive roller skating.  With a goal of maintaining representation on the Board for all sport disciplines, one must have a background in derby and one in rink hockey.  Nominees must be current members of USARS; be actively involved in USARS programs; agree in writing to abide by the USARS Code of Ethics; and (5) submit a resume and application for a Board seat.


United States Olympic Committee Athlete Advisory Council Representative for Roller Sports - The elective term of office for the Athlete Advisory Council Representative will be four years, coinciding with the Olympic quadrennial (starting on January 1, 2017 and concluding on December 31, 2020). Only athletes who have represented roller sports in the Olympics, Pan American Games, World Championships or other major international competitions are eligible to be nominated for election to the AAC. Such representation must have occurred within the preceding ten years as measured from the first AAC meeting of the quadrennial, typically held in January. The athlete must not have served two previous terms on the AAC as a representative, but status as an alternate does not constitute serving as a term. If an alternate replaces a representative and serves over half of the quadrennial in the latter capacity, one term has then been served. Athletes cannot be paid employees of the USOC or USA Roller Sports and simultaneously serve on the USOC AAC. The representative and alternate must be of the opposite sexes in sports that represent men’s and women’s teams for a single National Governing Body (USA Roller Sports).

Solicitation of eligible athlete nominations for the AAC roller skating representative position will commence immediately (prior to the beginning of the Summer Olympic Games) and be conducted prior to the end of the quadrennial. All such athletes that meet the eligibility requirements may be nominated. Only athletes registered as USARS members and eligible under the AAC criteria as specified above may nominate a candidate, however, a candidate will be permitted to nominate him or herself. Only athletes in this same category may be electors.

A complete list of all nominees that are declared eligible under the rules by the AAC-USARS Nominating Committee will be voted on electronically (if feasible), placed on the ballot in alphabetical order.  If done by mail, at any time until the deadline for ballot return, an eligible elector may request a ballot for an AAC representative, provided said ballot is returned by the established deadline of August 1. A request for a ballot shall be accompanied by a statement from the individual denoting their eligibility as an elector/nominator/candidate under the rules of eligibility.

Eligible athletes must attend all scheduled meeting times at the AAC meeting; a representative may be replaced by his or her alternate if the representative fails to attend three consecutive AAC meetings for any reason or at least half of scheduled AAC meetings in any two-tear period during the Quadrennium.  For additional information on what the AAC is and the commitment required, visit  In this document you will see that it is a requirement for all AAC members to also be a member of their sport's governing body board (automatic upon election to the AAC).  Please note that the USARS Board regularly meets two times each year.  Failure to attend two consecutive regular meetings of the Board, except for reasons beyond the control of the director, may constitute cause for removal.

Submit your nominations to:  Peggy Young by email at, by fax to 402-483-1465 or at USARS, 4730 South Street, Lincoln, NE 68506