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Board Meeting Information

Feb. 05, 2016, 6:09 p.m. (ET)

USA Roller Sports

To USARS members:

A regularly scheduled meeting of the board of directors of USA Roller Sports will take place electronically and telephonically on Saturday and Sunday, February 20 and 21, 2016, from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time each day.  Members can participate and be spectators to the meeting similar to those who attend face to face meetings held semi annually.  The meeting is being held in two segments of 4 hours to ensure that coaches have the opportunity to participate and continue to teach their morning lessons and classes.

USARS will use Go to Webinar for this meeting.  The registration information is below.  Members are encouraged to register prior to the date of the meeting to ensure that the appropriate software is downloaded prior to the meeting.  This service allows for participation by computer and by telephone when a member makes a choice. 

Board members will be able to hear and respond to all parts of the meeting similar to other meetings held in this format.  Observers will be muted and can seek recognition by using the appropriate button on the system to raise their hand.

An agenda will be published with attached reports a week in advance and placed on the web site. 

During each subject on agenda, the board will discuss the business necessary.  At the end of discussion, the chair will ask if there are questions from the field.  At that time, the observers may raise their hand and ask a question that will be limited to the issue at hand and to one minute.

At the conclusion of the meeting agenda, there will be time for members to ask any questions about the organization.  These questions will be limited to three minutes.  Questions should be submitted in advance to Ricci Porter or Peggy Young at USARS.  In this manner we can ensure that we have appropriate information to respond to the membership. 

Questions submitted from current members will be given priority in response.

Civility and courtesy are the expectations for all participants. 

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Bill Spooner


USARS Board of Directors