USA Roller Sports Features Videos From 2016 USA...

Videos From 2016 USA Roller Sports National Championships Available For Purchase

Aug. 13, 2016, 7:38 p.m. (ET)

We are currently taking order requests for the Speed and Figure skating events. We're editing the videos into each event and selling the videos for $45 each to download or $20 to rent for 3 months access. 

The JRDAJunior Olympics, and USARS Roller Derby are currently online at and ready to purchase. Rink Hockey will be posted to the website within the next 10 days.

To get the higher quality recordings for Speed and Figure:
If you know which competitions you'd want to purchase go and fill out this video edit request form and we will put the competition on our priority edit list:

We will email you a link to purchase the video at once the video you requested is complete. You can request up to 5 videos using that form. If you want to request more than 5 competitions then you can fill out the form again.