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USARS Announces Release of 2015 Roller Derby Rule Book

Jan. 09, 2015, 4:56 p.m. (ET)


January 9, 2015

USARS Announces Release of 2015 Roller Derby Rule Book

USA Roller Sports has approved and released the 2015 rule book for Roller Derby. After an intensive beta-testing process and the subsequent feedback, the USARS Roller Derby Committee approved a few minimal changes to the rules.

“We think it is going to be positive for teams to play another year without having to learn a lot of new rules. This will allow teams to concentrate in improving their strategy and proficiency under rules they know and enjoy”, said AJ Epp, Roller Derby Coordinator for USA Roller Sports and a member of the committee.

Most of the modifications to the rules are clarifications to the language so that officials have a better understanding of the intention behind the rules. However, there are a few new concepts that are noteworthy, including:

  • A player may now momentarily stop and wait for the pack to catch up while out of play ahead of the most forward blocker in the pack.
  • The player numbers may only be up to two (2) digits long.
  • Track boundaries (Addendum II) may be raised, but must be less than one inch in height.


For details and other changes for 2014, please review the rule book at

Please direct any questions to the USARS Roller Derby Coordinator, AJ Epp, at or 402-483-7551, ext. 11.

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