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Canfield Arena

Nov. 05, 2014, 3:56 p.m. (ET)

The Motor City Chiefs have recently acquired the lease to the Canfield Ice Arena, 2100 Kinloch, Dearborn Heights, Michigan. The rink will be designed and fitted to be the first hockey arena dedicated to inline hockey in the area.  The arena will allow for play on a full size inline hockey surface, longer period playing time, locker rooms with showers for team use and storage, and will give the MCC the ability to operate the facility on its own.

Canfield Arena will become the home for Motor City Hockey Club (Inline & Ice), the Great Lakes Inline Hockey League as well as a USARS chartered/licensed rink and a Team USA training facility; also the arena will be an AAU Licensed Facility.  The arena will offer competitive play for all ages from 5 years to pro level teams.