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USARS Announces Roller Derby Rules Beta Testing

Sept. 13, 2013, 8 a.m. (ET)

USA Roller Sports


Sept. 13, 2013


USARS Announces Roller Derby Rules Beta Testing

USA Roller Sports is pleased to announce a number of potential rule changes that will be beta tested prior to the release of a revised rule set for roller derby near the end of 2013.

These beta rules incorporate several new components to enhance the game play of Roller Derby, making it more dynamic and easier to follow.  One exciting new change is a reduction in time served in the penalty box to 30 seconds from the previous one minute.  This enhancement will allow for more time playing five on five roller derby and less time with depleted packs and power jams.

USARS is also responding to the concern that teams are able to create runaway packs that speed up the pace so much that Blockers are unable to engage each other.  Single-team packs will now have to stay within 20ft of the foremost opposing Blocker or risk receiving a newly-introduced Out of Range penalty.

Another new rule is that during the initial pass, a Jammer will now be declared Active Scorer as soon as s/he passes the foremost Blocker in the pack.  Previously, a Jammer had to exit the front of the Pack (ten feet in front of the foremost Blocker) before being declared Active Scorer.  This change will make it easier for players, officials, and fans to see when a Jammer earns that all-important Active Scorer status.

Also, USARS has modified the way that players can legally use their arms to execute blocks.  Elbows and forearms will now be legal blocking zones, but only if the block is initiated with the upper arm while it is tucked in to the player’s torso.  In other words, the entire arm (except for hands) can now potentially be used while blocking.  However, players will still not be able to legally use their forearms for such purposes as “swimming” through the pack or stiff arming an opponent.

And finally, USARS is taking steps to simplify the penalty box procedures.  Pivots and Jammers who are in the penalty box at the conclusion of a jam will remove their helmet covers and serve the remainder of their penalty time in the next jam as Blockers.  Their team will be able to field a new Jammer and Pivot in the next jam.

A Copy of the Roller Derby Rule Set can be found under Resources, Rules, Roller Derby Rules

If your team would like to provide feedback about the beta rules, please fill out the online feedback form that can be found here:  Please send any questions to the USARS Roller Derby Coordinator, AJ Epp, at or 402-483-7551, ext 11.

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